Sell Cookbooks – Get Money Soon – Sell Your Cookers!

It's a well-kept secret, but many sell old cookbooks to raise money in this difficult economic time. They want to keep it secret, so they do not have as much competition. Because they have come to the conclusion that after selling their own old cookbooks, they can easily enjoy the best, old, rare, vintage and the novel in the sale of garages, garden sales, real estate sales, etc.

The average person will not have the idea that their cookbooks are valuable and could have a lot of money for them. They just think they are old cookbooks without real value. If they wonder, they do not know how to go find out what they are worth. The average curator is not to blame without much research.

Retailers who sell a garage are completely unaware of the value of these cookbooks. These old, harmonized cookbooks go for amazing prices of fifty cents in dollars easily.

You can enjoy this and get some good money. You can sell cookie books for much more than you bought them.

First go through your old old cookbook, if you have any or with your mother's or grandmother's cookie books, you start building some knowledge.

What to look for. While there are hundreds of cookbooks, you can make a lot of money by first focusing on Better Homes and Garden Cookbooks and Betty Crocker Cookbooks. Look for cookbooks from 1950 to 1960 and above. Also look at the tile cover or back cover. You can also search for Betty Crocker Boys and Girl Cookbooks. This is a good place to start because they are enough and still have a lot of money.

What to Remember – New cookbooks are usually not looking for collectors. They can easily get this. The only time you can make money with this is if the publisher did a short print and it's a small publishing company, but this is usually not the case. Even then you can not get much for the cookbook.

You can sell cookbooks to collectors – old, rare, antique or vintage cookbooks – because they buy the year and the economy does not make any difference. In fact, they know they can find even more because people find that old cookbooks have value and sell them. Of course, there is much more to learn and a lot of secrets in the cookery market than too much to go into a short article. You can quickly learn how to sell old cookbooks.

Source by Helen Hecker

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