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Samsung 3G Smartphone is making its niche in the mobile phone market. Samsung has released several smartphones that boast of magnificent innovations and incredible mobile experience that can raise the standard for mobile mobile phones. Samsung's amazing smartphones started with simple smartphones but were amazing and are in line with other brands when released on the market.

The Omnia i900, released in 2008, is a Samsung 3G phone that runs on Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional OS and Marvell PXA312 624 MHz processor. It can support many applications like Microsoft Office Mobile (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, OneNote, PDF Viewer), Opera Browser, Windows Media Player, Internet Explorer, Podcasts, RSS Reader, Photo Viewer, Video Editor, and applications like Facebook Mobile. Other useful features of the phone include built-in speed sensor for auto-rotate, FM radio with RDS, TV view and built-in GPS unit. The phone can be synchronized with a computer with updated contacts, tasks and notes through Microsoft Office Outlook; and images and multimedia files.

Samsung Omnia i900 also has a 5.0 megapixel camera with LED flash with face and smile detection and auto focus. An additional 0.3 megapixel camera is also available and is mainly used for video calls. You can view photos and videos with clarity through the 3.2 inch 400 x 240 colored screen that supports up to 65,536 colors. The phone also includes a microphone and stereo speaker that can play good sound.

The remote control of the phone is mainly through a touch screen and a touch or track that acts as the mouse. The guide is especially useful for clicking on small icons when browsing the web. The phone also has Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capability. Its internal storage is either 8GB or 16GB with 128MB RAM, while the microSD card can host up to 16GB.

The Omnia i900 is a neat Samsung 3G smartphone, but has some drawbacks like text messages that take up a lot of time and sometimes can be inefficient and loading and the use of some applications tends to be slow. Apart from this, the Samsung Omnia i900 is a great phone to have and is a measure of people who are not in a hurry to browse programs, surf the web or send SMS messages.

This is a highly recommended phone for both average users and employers. You can not go wrong with any of Samsung mobile phones.

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