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"You must shoot yourself if you do not listen and learn all that Paul has said. He is up there with the greatest influence of Lord of all time."

Mike Litman, # 1 most-selling author "Conversations with Millionaire"

From Paul Mascetta's desk Effect of Master and "Secret Weapon" to an Expert

You are about to discover the same "power link" that expresses happiness and effectiveness from the lonely, miserable and failure of people in the world.

Sound too good to be true? Read on and I'll prove it.

Before I do, I just want to make sure we do not waste everybody's time so let me ask you a simple question:

Where's your life on the way?

Pretty eye opening question is not it? [19659002] Tell you what ... before you think about it, think about this:

Some people seem to stumble upon running, wealth and opportunity even when they may be less qualified or intelligent than most ... while others work hard, pay their expenses but can not seem to break, no matter how hard they try.

Some spend their entire lives trying to succeed by learning themselves, spending more time than others or simply just giving as much as they can to others ... and still worn, lonely and inadequate while others Groups get access to more money, relationships and resources than they even know what to do.

Indeed, some of them even misuse their power simply because they have so much because they take it for granted. To them it's like a different character. Almost like breathing. They do not take time to think about how lucky they are, they only accept it as a normal part of life.

The real question is, what group do you want to be part of?

Well, if you ever wonder (even a second) how this elite group of people lives as a dream they live, then this could be very important the letter you've read. Because today I will share the three most powerful secrets you'll always need to know about how a certain group of people always make a victory.

And just so you understand ....

It has nothing to do with education

It has nothing to do with inheritance

It has nothing to do with intelligence

It has nothing to do do with talent

It's got nothing to do with customer skills [19659002] It's hard to do luck

In fact, you can not do any of these things but are still members of this Elite Group. Because what you will discover here can be used to transform all of the elements of your life .... it is very powerful.

These 3 secrets have been used by people like Oprah Winfrey, Donald Trump, Barack Obama, Steve Jobs (author of Apple), Mark Zuckerberg (creator Facebook), Mother Theresa and anyone else who has made a huge impact on the world.

Whether you want these people or not does not matter. Whether you agree to what they stand for does not matter. What matters is what they have achieved in life and how they did it.

Let me save you trouble by trying to figure it out.

okay you listen? Good ..

These people have power of influence.

Impact - as defined in the English dictionary - is the ability or power of individuals or objects to be persuasive to or effect the actions, behaviors or opinions of others.

You see, many people make it wrong that Oprah is as popular and rich as it is because she has had one of the world's most watched TV shows. And that's true. But what exactly did it show so popular?

There were (and still) countless speech ideas on television that are just like the Oprah Winfrey show. But what about her that made it stand out for the rest? It was her.

It was her ability to connect with people. You see no matter how wealthy or famous Oprah is, its impressive ability allows people to be completely different from knowing it and related to it.

Mark Zuckerberg, who has created the largest social networking service on Earth and perhaps the most visited website in the world, used the energy effect in a completely different way. Rather than connecting personally to people himself, he created something that allows other people to connect.

He utilized the power called social confirmation and makes it work for him.

Simply put, each of these people has influenced the minds of others to get where they are today.

Whether you understand this or not, the ability to influence will eventually prevent your skills, skills, education, knowledge, experience, or other useful characteristics you get to the table. The reason for that is simple: to truly exploit any of these things, you will - at some point - need someone else's help.


We do not abuse or exchange your information EVER!

In the best booklet Millionaire Mind, Thomas J. Stanley interviewed 100 million people 100 people (most self-employed) to see what performance tools they had made.

Did you know that when asked what number factor contributed to their success was that the majority of millionaires said it was their ability to deal with others?

That's right. It was not their education, their expertise, the beginning of their capital. It was their ability to deal with others.

And the effect is nothing but dealing with others.

You could graduate from Harvard Law School and be the smartest lawyer in the block; if you can not convince a judge, jury or at least your clients that you know what you are talking about then you will probably miss the lawyer who can ... even if he is not a professional. [19659002] You could have an idea of ​​millions of dollars or creativity to change the world we live in by developing something like Windows or iPod. But if you can not influence the right people to invest in that vision, it will forever be a dream that will take you right back where you started.

You might have all the wonderful qualities of life-lovers ... but if you never affect someone to go out with you and give you a chance, you'll probably be one more longer than you need.

Maybe you're not interested in money, status or "winning" in your own. Perhaps you just want to have a positive impact on the world and matter. The power to influence can help you get your message to more people and help them ... because they trust what you say. And when people trust you, they will listen to you.

Maybe you have all the money you need and are not interested in anything that I just mentioned. As a person, you still want to interact with others. Relationships get the soul. Without adequate healthy communication with other people, the true mind begins to get insane.

This is part of the reason that people who commit cruelty are placed in isolation. It is basically a form of punishment to limit human interaction. The legislature is well aware of how this action affects a soul person.

For the same reason, we see these criminals read or practice for a long time. It's their way to try to stop themselves from being crazy because they do not interact with other people.

To sum it up simply expand the relationship of human experience mentally, emotionally, physically, financially and spiritually.

That's why your ability to influence others and build relationships is very important to your quality of life. Imagine if you had the power to ...

This capability would allow you to amplify the results in all areas of your life.

Have healthier and adequate relationships.

My name is Paul Mascetta and the chances are you've never heard of me. But, if you bought digital products online over the last 6 years, it's a good opportunity to sell it to you. You see, I've been writing a copywriter for some of the biggest names in the online self-esteem, including Steve G. Jones, Dr. Joe Vitale, Mike Litman, Kristen Howe, Dr. Joe Rubino and many others.

Listen to what few people have said about me and my focus on the influence:

"I've spent years building my performance by providing a real solution to others' problems. But here's the truth: If I do not have investigated and managed to affect others, I would not have had the opportunity to help people I've always dreamed of helping. In other words, when your performance is on line, I know what tools it affects to get the job done. So listen carefully: Paul is a rare gift for anyone who needs to learn the tools of impact and conviction. Not only has his talent made me hundreds of thousands of dollars, but his insight has changed the business for the better. If you want to succeed in life, business, relationships and elsewhere, trust me when I say that your ability to influence others is required. And with your knowledge, knowledge and experience, you will shoot yourself if you do not hear and learn all that Paul has to say. He is up there with the greatest influence of masters of all time. "

Mike Litman # 1 most-selling author of "Conversation with Millionaire"

"Let me be free, if you need to learn the ability to influence others, Paul has all the tools you need to make it happen (beyond what you could imagine now). He is the best of my best and one secret weapon, he does not spell useless doctrine. He does not make it complicated. If you let him lead you, you become a very powerful person with useful life skills ... faster and easier than you think possible.

Kristen Howe

"The Impact Assessment is one of the most life-threatening projects in the market. It's packed with information about conviction, impact, decisions and so much more!"

Steve G. Jones Clinically Hypnotic

"Simply put, I recommend anyone and anyone who wants to master the idea. What I like most about this comprehensive program is that it is based on scientific principles.

Frank Mangano Internet Entrepreneur and Author

My work enabled them to get their message to the world and in that process it has generated millions of dollars in revenue. And the reason for that is simple: I know what makes people buy.

Purchase is nothing but the decision to spend money on something. And like all other decisions to respond, you can control it by using conviction and impact.

And if you think it's hard or taking a lot of time, think again.

Because what you will learn will be like riding: After a few attempts, you've been successful and you'll never forget how to do it.

My name is Paul Mascetta and I have read, disappeared or listened to almost every piece of content that wrote, spoken, recordered or demonstrated some form of conviction and effect.

But to be honest, I did not even have to.

You see, certain people are born with natural abilities and when it comes to math, manual work or any kind of sport ... and you can trust me.

On the other hand, when it comes to conviction, impact and ability to get people to do what I want without doing, you can say that I'm one of the best.

Ever since I was a young boy, I knew that my mouth was my greatest property.

As long as I could remember, I was always getting some kind of damage and I was always using my mouth to get out of it.

At a very early age, I realized this simple but great truth: The ability of the individual to connect and influence others will prevent their educational levels, experience, talent, financial condition or other qualities they bring to the table.

Therefore: (whether you choose to believe it or not) any kind of desire, will, substance or benefit for you comes from another person or is associated with deep meaning relationships that expand your human experience.

In other words, if you want to get out of life, chances are you will need someone else's help. And even if you have everything you want out of life, what's good if you can not share it with others?

I realized many years again how great this is when I saw people getting jobs with less experience or education than others simply because they were more sympathic. Or when I saw the man without work or money ... and maybe even a story of being cheated ... get the girl over the man who had it all, simply because he had no charm.

The point is that when I knew how powerful it was convincing that I made my business to be as impressive as possible at all times.

This does not mean I was trying to persuade people every time i saw them either, because certain people need to affect the season before they can really trust you. These and other "rules" of the game were the things I started to discover and eventually began to make use of to get more liked from others. And when people like you you can start to affect them.

When I got older, I started thinking maybe is the real science for this compelling content. And then I began to investigate and finally immerse myself in as much as I could get my hands on ... affecting others and what makes people think and behave in a certain way.

I wanted to see if it was a scientific fact that favored what I had suspected all the time.

Well, I not only found all the proof I needed, but I also began to learn something I've never even imagined.

Armed with passion to learn more and an arsenal of compelling tools, I worked for years of sales, from industries ranging from Wall Street to fitness ... and always crushing any sales quotas I received.

My friends always thought it was a bit crazy to work on a commission based job, as the next salary is never guaranteed to be the same. And I always thought it was a bit crazy to get the same salary and someone else you could work harder than.

I also thought it was a bit crazy to get the same amount of money every week. I loved being in control of how much money I could make.

When I would be bored to sell in one type of industry, I would go somewhere else to see how I could apply my statements there.

And what I learned was that by the end of the day it's all the same. Principles of conviction are comprehensive.

All I had to do was get to know the product or service I was selling, what delivered it from its rivals and combine that information with what I knew about psychological effects.

After many years of writing my own salary, I decided I no longer wanted to pay services ... well from employers anyway.

I wanted to work for me and call my own shot.

With the increase of the transactions made on the web, I came to the sales office that participated in Internet Marketing ... and my job was to take a product that someone created and make the world want to buy it without having one conversation with them.

I simply wrote letters that will then be glued to a web page to take care of the world and the work is done.

The only reason is that this letter is better condemned ... or I will not receive more calls to do more in writing.

Long story short, my sales model has generated millions of dollars in revenue for over 100 websites worldwide.

And the reason that it has made it is not because I was born with godly talent or because I'm special, that's because I learned and reached the limit of influence (which is not nearly as hard as it sounds ) and used them over and over again.

And the gospel is also possible.

Indeed, when I think about it, I'm very surprised that everyone in the world is not an expert who affects it because it's just easy to become one.

And then I began to ask myself "why is this kind of problem for some people?"

The answer I found out is simple: most people do not even know what the effects are. They assume that the effects and insults are the same, but nothing could be further from the truth.

Perspectives and effects are not the same.

Persuasion is when you use certain techniques to get connected from someone or get them to do what you want. Impact is the state of identity. It's your presence. That's who you are.

And when you get that state to be truly impressive, you get what's known as a transformation from someone, in contrast to consistency.

Compliance is when someone does what you want them than you have & # 39; t necessarily affect his belief system. What you have influenced is the thinking process. In other words, you have got them to work in such a way that they may not necessarily agree deeply. They could just keep track of external factors like social criteria or extremely short terms of rewards.

Transition, on the other hand, is much more powerful. Business is when you completely change someone's belief system. When you can do that, they will fully purchase into your message. When they fully purchase into the message, they will follow you even without saying anything. You will become more symbols for what they agree and know with. You, in fact, start sharing your identity with them. A big difference there.

There are 2 types of effects ... but most speak only about 1.

2 types are short-term activity (which is usually conviction) and the latter is a long-term effect.

Short-term effects are what you do when you want to get instantly. This could include sales promotion, negotiation or discussion as you try to change someone's opinion about something. In short, it's a situation where you're trying to get in touch right away from someone and (here's key point) that the decision (in most cases) does not really mean much at stake.

Now believing is that the majority of products and remedies available for effects are flawed for two reasons.

The first reason is that they assume that the oversight and effect are the same.

Because of this incorrect assumption, they provide solutions that are based on short-term convictions and can only be applied in these circumstances.

This leads to another reason why they are flawed, they speak very little (if not all) of the difference between how people work information in one of two ways.

Not everyone thinks and behaves exactly the same.

Because of this fact, we can not all influence the same way.

This is where most plans for impact and conviction fail.

They are betting on the fact that everyone will pay attention when using the contrast pressure or social verification key.

They are betting that when you use the scarcity of power and do something less available, then Each person will automatically jump on the beard and follow it.

But nothing could be further from the truth. Not everyone is going to take action of lack or connection or opposition or any other consequences for this subject.

It depends very much on 4 factors that make an impact.

Hardware or impressive technology.

Humanitarian Requirements aimed at achieving your goal.

Personality type of your audience.

The decision-making process that your goal uses.

Understanding all three of these factors in your impact dynamics ability to achieve consistency and transformation from others ... because you now have the ability to tailor your presentation to their needs, personality and decision-making process. You now have all the tools you need to get your message regardless of how your goal is to process your information.

Knowing all this, I put on a project to create a program that covers all of this information ...

Now I have spent years investigating behavior, psychology, marketing, conviction and the work of neuroscientists and psychologists like Carl Jung, BF Skinner, Leon Festinger, Sigmund Freud, Erik Erickson, Kurt Lewin, Abraham Maslow, Ivan Pavlov and many others.

I'm happy to say that this program has finally arrived here:

Let's explore some of the Earth information you'll discover:

Listen, I know a lot of applications make similar requirements. . But believe me when I tell you this is truly one; Therefore:

Ask yourself, is it something you could even set the price on?

Well, that's the question we faced when I decided to bring this to the world.

But the truth in the matter is that I knew that I could basically be priced for this resort and people would still be flocking to pay for it no matter what it was.

This implies your ability to:

Listen, the truth in the matter is that none of these great things can happen unless you take measures.

As much as we want to believe that someone is calling the door and giving us everything we've ever wanted in life, it does not happen in this way (well, not immediately yet). [19659002] In order to get what you want, you need to take it.

After all, open the door to freedom.

And since your first step is to take action, I want to make it as easy and painless as possible.

And we know one sure fire way to do it is to create an IMMENSE value.

You see, I've written hundreds of letters like the one you're reading now and I know that in the end everyone wants to evaluate.

I know I'm sure. So here's how I'll give you more value than you even know what to do.

First, though, I could easily charge people a thousand for this information ... because it will enable them to get more money but they always imagine I'd rather just offer an offer that's just too hard to pass.

Aside from the fact that a lot of revolutionary information, contained in the Rules of Impact, I will also bring these bonuses absolutely freely and personalized to you.

These are not your usual "bonuses". I worked with world-renowned hypnotherapist Steve G. Jones to create a package of his best hypnotic recordings designed to help you get the most out of what I'm going to show you.

"Master the Art of Negotiation" Helps you to relax. It also cleans away the infertile thoughts and answers that follow them, so that clever thinking can accept and seal the treaty. Before trying to buy a new car, ask for a raise, interview for a new job or get your teenager to do more around the house, learn to study the art of negotiation with hypnosis.

Use this strengthening program to create charisma and energy needed to get people to magnetically claim. Charisma is one key feature found in all masters.

Here you will learn how to program your mind for quick decisions so that you can constantly adapt your presentation to your needs and never feel stumped.

This program will help you stay cool yet. You need to become a champion of influence and conviction. It's perfect for those who are uncomfortable or slightly nervous about dealing with others.

Here you will learn how to program yourself to become a champion in sales so that you can start earning money from your influence and convincing power.

Stay safe and smooth when you enter social environment ... and watch how people allow you to force them to do what you want.

Created for those who want poorer things in life, including abundance and prosperity, this program

In this personal web site I will show:

Let me show you how powerful this program I've created truly is.

And save some money in the process by ordering NOW!

NOTE: The source code of the affected application contains audio and audio downloads e-books. No physical products will be sent. After your order, you will ALSO have access to download your e-book and bonuses on your computer. The e-book format is Adobe Acrobat PDF, which can be viewed on a Mac or a computer.

To find your new performance,

PS - Remember if you choose this program or not, if you continue to do the same thing ... then you'll see the same results. You must take action and change the game.

PPS - With my 60 day full day, no question asked, no hassles, no inspiration guarantee, you have nothing to lose. The danger is now over. All that's left is an opportunity. Take it today!


We do not abuse or exchange your information EVER!

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Copyright Statbrook Associates LLC 7848 W. Sahara Ave. Las Vegas, NV 89117 (Tel) 702-430-1196Home | Privacy | Terms | EULA | profit

Click here to get


at discounted price while it's still available...

All orders are protected by SSL encryption – the highest industry standard for online security from trusted vendors.


is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.

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