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Today you will enjoy the secrets of 39 interviews with the world's top marketing expert

Jay Conrad Levinson Father Guerrilla Marketing & Author 88 Marketing Books

Dr. David AakerProfessor Emeritus of Marketing Strategy at Haas Business School, Berkeley

Al RiesCEO from Ries & Ries Consulting Firm and Collaborative Locations with Jack Trout.

Jack Trout President of Trout & Partners & Partner Locations with Al Ries.

Tim Calkins Clinical Professor at Marketing at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.

Dr. Paul FarrisProfessor in Business Administration at the University of Virginia Darden, Business School.

Dr. Michael SolomonProfessor of Marketing and Managing Director of the Center for Consumer Research at the Haub Ministry of Commerce at the University of Saint Joseph.

Dr. F Robert Dwyer Joseph Stern, Professor of Marketing at the University of Cincinnati.

Dr. Michael BelchMarketing Professor at San Diego State University

Dr. Svend Hollensen Director of International Trade at the University of Southern Denmark.

Dr. Mary Lou Roberts Market Professor at Harvard University Extension School

Dr. Hamed ShammaAssistant Professor of Business Marketing at the University of Cairo.

Laura RiesPresident of Ries & Ries Consulting Company, Marketing Manager.

David Meerman Scott Market Counselor and Author No. 1 best selling Amazon marketing for four years.

Bob GilbreathChief Strategist for Potential Worldwide and author of The Next Evolution of Marketing Book.

Mark StevensCEO of MSCO, Bestselling Author, Marketing, Management, Sales and Wealth Specialist.

Mitch Meyerson. Founder Guerrilla Marketing Coach Certification Program, best seller author and consultant.

Al LautenslagerPresident of Market for Profits, Guerrilla Marketing Coach, Speaker, Best Seller Author and Advisor to Guerrilla Marketing.

Michael Becker Managing Director of Mobile Marketing Association and Associate Professor of Mobile Marketing at Golden Gate University.

Nancy Lee President of Social Services, Inc., Assistant Department at the University of Washington and along with eight social marketing books with Philip Kotler.

Katya AndresenChief Employee Network for Good, Author, Associate Professor in Relations with America University of Iceland

Barry FeigInternational Marketing Consultant and Author of Hot Button Marketing.

Barbara Findlay Schenck Marketing Columnist for MSN Small Business Channel in Business on the Main. Com, Marketing Strategist at, author of four books.

Alina WheelerMarketing Consultant, Speaker and Author of Design Brand Identity Number and Brand Atlas Book.

Chris ForbesCertified Guerrilla Marketing Trainer specializing in Profit Marketing and Co-author Guerrilla Marketing for Nonprofits.

Jeanne PoolCEO and owner of Marketing for Solo, author of marketing for solo book.

John Arnold Marketing Assistant, Author, Speaker, Trainer and Adviser for Small Business.

President Guy Powell Demand for Empire and Author of Market Account in DemandROMI Consulting.

Anthony SanchezCEO at Marketing Visioneer and founder of Marketing Club Denver.

Amr ElfassCEO in ZAD Group, Vice President of Innovara Middle East, and a teacher at ESLSCA Business School.

Raafat YoussefTraining Manager at MSD (Merck Sharp and Dohme), Marketing Adviser and Trainer at American University of Cairo, the American Chamber of Commerce and the Arab Academy of Science and Technology.

Marion GamelInternational Marketing Consultant, ex. Marketing Manager in Google Europe, Middle East and Africa, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka

Mustafa Icil Regional Manager in Turkey and the Middle East and Africa on Google

Mourad Mohammed AlyRegional Managing Director MENA Region in Lundbeck Middle East and North Africa.

Hany Soliman International Marketing and Leadership Consultant, ex. Regional Marketing Manager at Pfizer Pharmaceuticals.

Mohamed Abdel Wahed Regional Marketing Director in Lundbeck Middle East and North Africa.

Ahmed Saeed Regional Marketing Director of Inflammation Line for Africa and the Middle East in Pfizer Middle East.

Ayman ElhefnawiChairman at Boost International Implementation and Chief Executive Officer in the Middle East, Ex. Managing Director of Bayer Health Care.

Rui Pedro CaramezSocial Media Manager, Linkedin Trainer, Author and Digital Marketing Consultant at MBUintelligence

More than 30 hours of audio and 800 pages interviewed by 39 Top Marketing Professionals. Marketing themes that cover 110 different questions.34 bookmarks for 23 marketing experts in just 90 pages. What a fun learning program that allows you to enjoy Secrets.Connecting with the Top Marketing Expert in the world.

• Inspiring Journey of Success for each marketing authorization holder. "Lessons for Journey of Success. â € ¢ Transformational Points in Life.â € ¢ Top Marketing Challenges. â € ¢ Top Marketing Mistakes

34 book summary on 90 pages.

â € ¢ How to write a marketing plan? â € ¢ How to conduct market analysis? Â € ¢ How to create Word of Mouth for a newly launched product? Â € ¢ How to become a market? Â € ¢ Marketing Strategies â € ¢ How to distinguish your products from rivals? â € ¢ Target.â € ¢ Location. â € ¢ Placement Error. â € ¢ Budget. â € ¢ Marketing Management. â € ¢ Integrated Marketing. â € ¢ Market Information for Limited Budget. â € ¢ Ads. â € ¢ Pricing technology.â € ¢ Brand.â € ¢ Labeling mistake.

â € ¢ MLM. Â € ¢ How to create a pleasant customer experience and insurance commitment accountability? â € ¢ Remarkable marketing. â € ¢ Guerrilla Marketing. â € ¢ The Hard Truth About Realities Marketing. â € ¢ How To Become A Billionaire? â € ¢ How to become a successful entrepreneur? â € ¢ International Marketing. â € ¢ Mobile Marketing. â € ¢ Social Marketing. â € ¢ Social Marketing. â € ¢ Non-Profit Marketing. â € ¢ Online Marketing. â € ¢ Email Marketing. â € ¢ Search Engine Marketing. New trends in marketing.â € ¢ New development in direct marketing. Â € ¢ New development in social media. â € ¢ New drug marketing strategy. â € ¢ Customer Relationship Management (CRM) .â € ¢ Shared marketing. â € ¢ Corporate Reputation.â € ¢ Copywriting.â € ¢ Change Management.â € ¢ Management and Leadership Secrets. â € ¢ How to encourage your employees?

1. You will enjoy reading and listening to 39 interviews with Top Marketing professionals in the US, Mexico, UK, Portugal, Egypt, Dubai, Denmark and Turkey. You will learn the secrets of marketers who work (or were working) at:

Google, Apple, Adobe, Microsoft, Procter & Gamble, UNILEVER, Intel, IBM, HP, Cisco, General Electric, Pepsico, Black And Decker , eBay, H & M, Timberland, Calvin Klein, McDonalds, American Express, Pfizer, GlaxoWelcome, Abbott, Merck Sharp and Dohme (MSD), Johnson & Johnson, Eli Lilly, Boehringer, Bayer Health Care, Lundbeck Pharmaceuticals, Walter Thompson, Southwest Airlines, Papa John's Pizza and Northwestern Mutual Life, Celanese, Hakuhodo Advertising, Kayser-Roth, Levi Strauss, Emergency Securities, State Farm, United Airlines, DuPont, PPG Industries, Visa, VF Corp., Whirlpool Corporation, Senco Products , San Diego Trust & Savings Fund, GTI Corporation, IVAC, May Companies, Phillips-Ramsey Advertising and Public Relations, Dailey & Associates, New York Islanders, NASDAQ Stock Market, Government Ontario, McKesson, US Air Force, US Marine Corps, Digital River, Hill & Knowlton, Hanley Wood , Dow Jones, National Investor Relations Institute, Milken Institute Global Conference, America Credit Union Conference, TS2, Giant Screen Theater Association, Realtors® Conference, Nike, Starwood, Guardian Life, Intrawest, Estee Lauder, The MONY Group, Mobile Marketing Association, Rainier Bank, Sutton Group, Reuters News, First Brands, Colgate-Palmolive, American Cyanamid, Schenley Distillers and Curtis Instruments, MSN Small Business Channel, Waterford Technologies, Abacus America, Innovara Middle East, Mobinil, and much more.3. You must get secrets from marketing professionals who teach (or teach) at:

Harvard Business School, Haas Business School, Kellogg School of Management, Oxford University, Darden School of Business, Haub Business School, University of Cincinnati, American University in Cairo, Ad: Tech, New York University, Miami University, Golden Gate University, Dan Evans School of Public Affairs, University of Cape Town, and much more. You must get secrets from marketers who are recognized and published by:

Business Day, The Wall Street Journal, Market Management Society, United States Today, World Economic Forum, Advertising Age Magazine, PR Week Magazine, Newsweek, Financial Times, The New York Times, Business 2.0, Atlanta Business Chronicle, NBC, CBS, ABC and CNBC, NBC today, Good Morning America, Channel One, Inside Edition, Newsweek on the Air, The Wall Street Journal Radio Network, Entrepreneur Marketing Show, WOR Radio Network and National Public Radio, Bloomberg TV, CNN International, Daystar TV, Fox Business Channel, Fox News Channel, MSNBC, NPR, Associated Press, Entrepreneur Magazine, Forbes Magazine, Inc. Magazine, M6, The New York Post, Oprah Winfrey Show, Fundraising Success Magazine and much more.5. Want more? Check their biographies here:

Download all biographies of all 39 Market experts in this program. Click here:

The interviewer in all 39 interviews with Secrets Program Marketing Gurus is Mohammed Magdy. He is the founder and CEO of He is a recognized Chartered Marketer at the Chartered Institute of Marketing and is the first Guerrilla Marketing Coach in the Middle East.

To know more about Mohammed Magdy, please click here:

In November 2010 I got an idea that was a turning point for me. I asked myself the following question:

Could I interview the Top Marketing Expert in the world to showcase their experiences, marketing ideas and the secrets behind their success?

The answer to my question was another question: [19659002] Why should we agree to make a phone call with you?

I said myself; forget about this negative attitude, go ahead and do it. So I started sending a small letter to a limited number of marketers and I was surprised that they asked some questions before they agreed. These questions were:

Who are you? What are your abilities? What is your project? Send us a report on your site's Google Analytics, how can I guarantee that you want to take my license before you publish the content? What is the purpose of performing these interviews? And what's your future plan with these interviews? Send us a sample interview for the marketing engineer you have interviewed and some other questions.

So I started answering these questions and integrating the answers to my messages for new prospects.

Then I studied Guerrilla Marketing Manager Certification Program, and I learned Guerrilla methods to approach my prospects and how to create human relationships in my messages. Guerrilla marketing was a key factor in making the interviews well. Then in January 2011, my regular way of getting my expectations was not successful; I did not find new ways to get a list of marketers. Because in the online world you can find so many marketing consultants online, but few of them are a real market that has developed a marketing market or has real and practical marketing experience. I still remember this month, because I was very disappointed and for a while, thought my brand would not last anymore. At that time, my own diamond; I mean my wife, began to create some fruitful ideas to find new ways to create a new list of experts in the market and invite them. She has helped me on this issue until I've finished my list and until I said, "Now I'm happy with my list." The secret of the marketing strategy was eight stages:

1. Perform the interview (Audio Interview) .2. Editing the sound, removing noise, amplifying the volume and adding different music at the beginning.3. Copywriting: This course was the most challenging course in three phases; because I was making the recipe myself at the beginning and it was very tiring because every interview takes about four days / 5 hours to complete the recipe.

Then I began to ask for external help from professional writers and although it was saved for me sometime but I had to review each reviewed article myself to check quality and make sure there is no change in market terms there; This process took me about 2 days in each interview to double the attention of everything in the transcribed article.4. Create ideas for designing each interview; It took about a month and a half from me and my gifted web designer; Mohamed Taqi; to create ideas for the main things for each interview to make them match the brand of each interviewer as much as we could.5. Implementing design for background of each interview. My designer is a real talented professional who was transforming these ideas into something real, attractive and very exciting.6. Integration of content for each interview; all questions and answers.7. Requesting a request for permission, comments and changes to their interviews. Then work on these new changes.8. Group Marketing Program Specialist.

This section is very important because if you do not know how to use and navigate the interviews, you will not get the fertile values ​​of this plan â € | please concentrate on me and take the following steps to enjoy the secret system of marketers:

3. How to click the questions in each interview: Always find the word â € œStart Hereâ € at each interview. All the interviews are represented in an idea or game that allows you to enjoy the study. Just click on each icon twice to make sure you see the question and then open the question in a new tab that gives the answer.

4. How to use the program: Before you start listening to the sound, I recommend spending only 1 minute to know the game or idea that represents the questions and answers, when you know how to click on each question and answer it, then enjoy the study by clicking the sound of each interview and reading the text at the same time (they are 99% the same). I recommend listening and reading all interviews for 2-3 months. But instead, get on and study 1-2 interviews a week. Also, I recommend examining the names of marketers who participate in the program and prioritize which one would be most relevant to your knowledge field. After you prepare for them, prepare your own program to learn how to start your exciting journey to showcase the secrets of our marketing experts.

5. Contact you if you have encountered any issues: Here is the relationship with IT Founder of this program: Mohamed Taqi ( .If you did not receive an answer within 48 hours, send me an email: Mohammed Magdy (dr.m_magdy @

Market Template Free Download (Word - PDF - PowerPoint).

Get Market Sample Free Download (Case Study and that's an answer).

Get a free marketing template (word â € "PDF â €" PowerPoint).

How to write a marketing plan for realtors?

How to write an executive summary for

How to write a marketing plan for a small business?

How to write a marketing plan for NGOs?

How to write a marketing plan? in 7 steps?

What is a marketing plan in a marketing plan?

What is a 5-step marketing process?

How to achieve marketing in 6 steps?

How to become a 4-step marketing consultant?

How to become a 5-day marketing engineer?

How to Become a Market Assistant in 2 Steps?

19659002] How to become a Marketing Manager in 3 Steps?

How to become dominant in 4 steps?

What are the best marketing efforts for small businesses?

What are market methods examples?

What are examples of marketing methods and methods?

How to develop marketing strategies for new products

How to develop best marketing strategies for restaurants?

What are international market methods for international trade?

How to develop marketing strategies for profit organ

How to develop marketing efforts in 4 steps?

How to develop division, targeting and placement in marketing efforts?

What are competitive marketing methods?

What is a Marketing Mix in Seven

How can you create the BCG Matrix Model (Boston Consultancy Group Matrix)?

What is a product development analysis?

How to make a product? ?

What is the GE Matrix (General Electric Matrix) diagnostic format?

How to get marketing communication?

How to do 7-step communication?

How to improve market communication in three ways?

What is a brand in market terms?

What is the pricing of the market combination (7P)?

What is SWOT analysis in a marketing plan?

What is SWOT analysis used?

How to make SWOT Analysis in a marketing plan?

Free SWOT Analysis Template PowerPoint and Word

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 Secrets Program marketing expert

is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.

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