Secrets of the Shopping Bag

We all know that shopping habits have changed over the years, but you have stopped it any time to think about the shopping bag itself? It is indeed very interesting to look at what women have bought 20 years ago to this day. And the results may surprise you!

The Eighties

The dress of power was all anger: shoulder pads and big hair are mandatory. Furthermore, women were not under control. In their own name they did not have financial products and did not have their own car. Less than 30 percent of full-time women and those earning on average 35 percent less than men, money does not always travel.


European wine – preferably sweet – was a popular choice; and there were ghosts.

Women spend money on their children; but clothes are probably from the main street, and the games are more lurid than hi-tech.

European Festive Brochure

Only one fifth woman owns a vacation on a yearly basis. And those who took shelter probably did not travel to Europe.

Milk, Potatoes, Chicken, Carrots

Women usually made food at home. And if they decide to eat, they usually go to the local pub, not a restaurant.

Chocolate bar

Chocolate has been treated 20 years ago to date, but the difference is that women can not impeach luxury brands. As such, chocolate repair would come from a cheaper mass-market bar.

However, this list has changed a bit in the past. As many women tend to have more available disposable income, they have bought more luxury items.

Children's Design Jacket

Women are later in their lives children and spend more money on toys and clothes. It's not too rare now to buy designer provinces.

Luxurious Chocolate

The fact that chocolate is no longer enough. Women spend more on luxury brands and are more often treated.

Asian holiday brochure

Holiday expenses have been removed; this is four times more than 20 years ago. Europe is still popular, but long-term destinations are affordable. Now it's not the choice but where to go first!

Luxury meals

Ready meals are now a regular purchase. In addition, women are more likely to eat; Restaurants in the menu on average once a week.


No more than 20 years ago brick, mobile phones are smaller, smarter and more real. Some gadgets still seem to be "boys' games," but when it comes to cars, women are catching up.

Fashion and Beauty

Treatments such as earrings, makeup or perfume are not just special occasions. If they do not do this trick; they pamper themselves for a day in the spa.

& # 39; New World & # 39; wine

Dry New World & # 39; the wines were taken from sweeter Europeans. But women liked the alkopop and the beer.

So what does it really mean? The basket of today's basket shows that women are becoming more independent: more are full-time and wages reach out to men. In fact, almost a quarter of women are looking for more than their partners. In addition, many will not lose their 19459003 credit card for the purchase you want. And considering that fund spending has fallen over the past 20 years, more money is spent on luxury.

Source by Paul Mcindoe

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