Samsung Z560 – this is the speed

At first glance, Samsung Z650 looks like a standard shell. But we will look at the heart of the high-speed internet competitor in this humble-looking device. HSDPA offers Internet access at speeds up to 1.8 Mbps.

The first thing about the Samsung Z650 is light. Given that it runs with 3.5 G, it is one of the smallest handheld devices in the genre (weighing only 94 grams). When the shell is opened, a large, brightly colored screen is displayed. Its size is 35 mm to 47 mm and displays 256,000 colors. Underneath it is an impeccable VGA camera for video calls. The keyboard is large, well removed and the buttons are easy to press. The Samsung Z560 USP is a high-speed Internet connection. So, downloading web content is a really enjoyable experience, especially for those who use the veteran mobile Internet browser to use GPRS speeds. Pages such as the BBC newsletter are available immediately. The built-in browser allows you to set up the desktop view so you can view pages as you would on a computer. Or you can set it to intelligent display that will pull the whole page up to the Samsung Z560 display size.

For those who are not interested in web browsing, the Samsung Z560 has a 2-megapixel camera and MP3 player. The camera focuses automatically, but there is no flash. The MP3 player is more pleasing, supports MP3, AAC, AAC ++ and WMA files, and allows editing of numbers. You can also listen to music on the loudspeaker or on the supplied headphones. Other features of the Samsung Z650 include video calls, SMS, MMS, organizer, clock, calendar, reminder features and much more. One of the most unusual attributes of the mPet application is to arrange for pets and check your health. Power is wise, the device is good. The call quality is good and thus the battery life.

Source by Carly Charu

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