Samsung Soul has a new Silver Edition Samsung U900 Soul

The new Samsung Soul handset is considered as a highlight in the Samsung Ultra range, followed by rather large footsteps on the Samsung U600 and U700, the new Samsung U900 Soul contains many range of technology, design and features, although this new model has some interesting tricks up on sleeve.

The 12.9 range included in the original Samsung D600, the U900 offers a very similar overall measurement, but technology has emerged in a fast-paced section with identified change keys that predict where you want to go next.

Rather than using a traditional keypad to navigate the menu and select Samsung Soul has a four-way display that changes as you move through the menu system. This new leading navigation system means it's now much easier to get where you want, but on this day and age and mobile phones that offer just about every feature under the sun make a good sense.

The CPW group has just released a silver version of the Samsung U900 Soul, which will only be sold through its stores on high street and affiliates, including their own. This new shade offers the same great features as the original graphics version, but comes in a sleek, chrome-like casing that actually puts the phone.

Samsung Soul U900 is a chic looking slide design mobile phone, in stainless steel shell. The handset has 5.0 megapixel camera, with auto focus and flash, and also an MP3 player and Bluetooth compatibility. The U900 Soul has a solid feeling and a good hand. A slider phone, the prominent feature of the soul is to add touchscreen control panel to the front of the phone. It looks and feels similar to the touch found on the laptop. The Samsung Soul is a full featured 3G phone support HSDPA Mobile Broadband, in addition to having an email client, web browser and support for Java.

Built-in 5.0 megapixel camera, with auto focus and flash, Samsung Soul U900 takes great pictures that you want to share with your friends. Keep them on your mobile phone, email them to friends or upload them to your blog.

HSDPA on Samsung Soul offers similar benefits to 3G networks as GPRS offers a GSM network. It offers faster data transfer with a compatible handset. HSDPA is commonly known as Mobile Broadband. Bluetooth 2.0 is the next generation of Bluetooth connectivity. With Bluetooth 2.0, one of the biggest advantages is the ability to listen to music with a compatible wireless headset in stereo. Less wire, less chaos, more noise.

With the built-in music player in the U900 Soul, you can play songs with you, in your pocket and listen to them whenever you want. Most digital formats are known on the phone, including MP3 and AAC. You have also installed Stereo FM Radio, you always have access to the latest song in your phone. Set your favorite station, anytime, from your phone.

The Samsung Soul also has an email application that allows you to receive email from your own personal email account and send photos, videos or text messages to any email address anywhere in the world. Network access on the phone is a simple set-up and cost-effective way to keep in touch.

The new Silver version has been originally launched on O2, Orange and T-Mobile UK networks, but on the other hand there are further plans to free the handset when you go for consumers who can not bypass online insurance or just do it do not sign up for a long contract.

Although the CPW Group has Samsung Soul Silver as an exclusive, it will be a temporary period and at some point in the future, the phone will be available for further retailers to connect.

Source by Susan Hargreaves

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