Samsung S8000 Jet – Sleek touchscreen

Samsung S8000 Jet is a very beautiful and sleek mobile phone. The outstanding 3G phone offers a very wide range of features and a variety of great quality features that can be enjoyed every day.

Some of the incredible features of the mobile phone are:

The front of Samsung S8000 Jet has a wonderful 3.1-inch touchscreen display that allows the owner to insert various features such as creating messages, menu selection and web browsing using touch screen.

The Samsung S8000 Jet has a cube like a designed type of navigation keys that are located, but it's just a great touch screen with ring keys that allows the owner to receive fast and easy and call.

Gorgeous mobile phone is available with 2 gigabytes, 8 gigabytes plus 16 gigabytes of internal memory. The handset also supports a memory card card that can store sixteen gigabytes of external memory on the MicroSD type.

The great phone has a phone book feature that allows the owner to store in addition to his / her contacts & # 39; information very quickly. The handset also has a built-in organizer feature that allows the user to store information that helps in everyday life.

Mobile phone companies Wi-Fi or WLAN technology that allows the owner to connect to the internet with a hotspot and through a wireless LAN that can be placed in the office or at home for a wireless connection to the Internet.

The handset has Bluetooth technology and also has a USB port, which guarantees the user the connection of their call to another device using either a connection depending on the available device availability or the user's need.

Your phone has an integrated 5 Megapixel digital camera that has an auto focus that ensures well-applied and clear image capture. A comprehensive search engine that allows the owner to capture large wide bullets. GPS navigation is also available that allows the owner to make geo tagging on their photos.

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