Samsung Nexus S Smartphone

Samsung Nexus S is an amazingly capable smartphone that is well tied to Google's corporate network. However, you can easily expand because there are more than 200,000 applications available under the Android v2.3 operating system.

Perhaps more than any other smartphone, the relationship S is not only thin and light, but it is also curved to fit the face of the face. Certainly, this is a small feature, but if you're on the phone, it's important. The Union S is powered by a Samsung 1GHz Hummingbird processor and is equipped with 16 GB of uncontrolled memory. This is a problem that you may need to deal with if you open multiple windows and while multitasking, as it can use all available memory. At 4.6 inches 2.5 inches and 0.4 inches and 4.6 ounces weigh the Nexus S lightweight.

The brilliant four-inch display can be equipped with an app that divides the screen into the QWERTY keyboard so you can quickly write messages or emails on the Super AMOLED touchscreen. Screen resolution is 800 by 400 pixels, giving the smartphone a crisp and crisp screen. The connection S is equipped with two cameras, a VGA camera that is the front panel for videoconferencing. Retrieved 5MP camera lets you record DVD quality videos with 780 with 480 pixel resolution. The retro camera also reads "badges" that appear on almost all items in the store (these labels are the single appearance square that appears almost as the barcode is gone).

The Union also works with what Samsung calls near electronic devices (also known as RFID devices) that could be included in consumer products so that you can be informed of all pricing and discount information, and you can use Union S as the basis of purchase.

The band S is a dual phone operating on normal GSM frequencies 850, 900, 1800 and 1900 MHz and 3G UMTS frequencies 850, 1900 and 2100. The GSM frequencies are primarily T-Mobile and AT & T supported. Interestingly, the Union S, through 3G access, can host up to six other networks that work, if you want, like an active hotspot for others. It operates on WiFi 802.11 b / g / n, so it is compatible with public transport and older routes that serve many home businesses. It is also compatible with Bluetooth 2.1 and makes it easy to synchronize other devices with it.

The Union S is preloaded with numerous Google-related applications, including Google Voice, Google Mail, Google Maps, Google Search, Google Talk, and YouTube. You can also find applications that will synchronize with Facebook along with Google's new version of Circle + Social Network.

The Union S offers two voice modes, one Google Voice, that allows the smartphone to serve as the center for six intelligent features, such as call forwarding, barring, screening, and backup. Android's voice capabilities allow you to hold the search button with simple email instructions or text or start a search. The connection S is easy to update or synchronize a calendar, phone book or calendar with built-in functionality or with an application that you can download.

The union is equipped with standard USB 2.0. It also looks sound and understands MP3, WMA and AAC / AAC +. The video standards are MPEG4, H.264 and H.263. The Lithium-ion battery offers up to six hours of talk time, although one should remember that it is cut if you take many videos.

The whole band is ergonomically designed for a great fit (curved) smartphone and offers amazing talents.

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