Samsung Laser Printer and Samsung Printer Error Codes and How to Fix

There have been some types of Samsung Laser Printer released to the market. However, many of them appear to be in various levels of problems. Here are some of the common bug fixes along with troubleshooting tips:

Error Message: Scanning Error

This error message is actually a hardware error. You may try to replace the USB cable. Sometimes, poor quality cables can not send large data for scanning.

Error Message: Paper Jam

This happens when a paper has stuck on a Samsung Laser Printer. You need to check the sensor located next to the closing rollers. Maybe it's in a wrong position or is corrupt. If nothing works, try replacing it with a new sensor.

Error Message: Square

Sometimes you may find that your Samsung laser printer prints out squares instead of plain text. This can happen if you use Firefox or print content from sites that do not know the font used in the text. To fix this problem, you must reinstall all appropriate drivers. If this does not work, go to the printer and fax folder, select a printer, and select properties.

Error Message: Missing Printing

Sometimes some of your page may be omitted. This can happen due to the wrong size of paper size. Check the settings and try again.

Error Code: H2

This error code indicates that the problem is having trouble heating the fuser. Make sure all cables are connected and no dot is missing.

Error Message: Empty Blank

Sometimes even if a tray is loaded with paper, you may receive this error message on your Samsung Laser Printer. Try upgrading your drivers by visiting the Samsung site. This should correct the problem.

Error: Evening light is still on

After the toner cartridge has been replaced, you can find that the tonal light is steadily stable. You need to check the safety found on the front of the cartridge. You could try to replace this with 50 mp one. This error usually occurs in the Samsung SCX-4216F.

Error number: 24

This error code indicates that printing is too much. You can select the button called & # 39; continue & # 39; And then try to reduce the amount of printing.

Error Code: 50

This indicates a burner failure. That means the fuser is not heating. Try turning off the Samsung Laser Printer or resetting the printer for approx. 15 minutes and turn it back on. If this does not solve the problem, it may indicate malfunction of the fuse or power supply.

Error number: 16

This error code means that the tone is small. This means that the distribution of the toner inside the cartridge is insufficient. You need to remove the cartridge and move it gently and carefully. If this does not work, try changing the cartridge. You may also try to clear the contact.

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