Samsung Genio Touch is the new Samsung touchscreen phone

Samsung Genio Touch is the name of the latest phone introduced by Samsung to attract younger users. Genio Touch is a touch-screen handset that has many other features. This new touchscreen phone is a great choice when looking for a combination of style and features.

Comprehensive look and size:
The Samsung Genio Touch physical size is 4.06 x 2.22 x 0.47 inches. Its weight is only 93 g, which is very easy to carry anywhere. The handset is easy to carry in your pocket and palm-friendly. As this device focuses primarily on the younger generation, it has colored backrests.

Display of the phone:
The Genio Touch 2.8 inches when its TFT display allows 16 million colors to be used to view pictures and images. The accelerometer allows you to rotate the screen vertically and horizontally for your convenience.

The Samsung Genio Touch network connection is supported by Quad Band GSM, capable of global roaming. Other network devices are also provided by GPRS and EDGE technology. To connect to other compatible devices, the handset has a Bluetooth and USB device.

To capture special moments, your phone has a 2MP camera with digital zoom. The camera can capture videos close to still images.

Music Player:
For a non-stop music experience, Genio Touch has a high quality music player that supports multiple audio formats like MP3, AAC, AAC +, and WMA. These multiple formats allow you to enjoy your favorite music in its original number. FM radio and RDS together in the phone add to the music experience.

Battery and memory;
Recharge your battery for the new Samsung handset Li-Ion, 960 mAh battery. Its internal memory is 50 MB and memory space is available in the kit.

Stay Connected:
You can still talk to this handset as it allows you to upload Picasa, Flickr, YouTube, and Photobucket. Use the latest Samsung phone to send Twitter and Facebook accounts directly.

Additional features:
Additional applications on your phone are decent, with a calendar that can be used to set appointments and reminders. You can also set up duplicate events in your calendar. Other applications include tasks, Memo and world time. The handset widget screen also has a birthday reminder and there are two additional widgets available to you. The Picsel viewer of the phone makes it easy to view documents such as PDF, Excel, MS Word and PowerPoint files.

Your phone has SMS, MMS, and email messaging capabilities. The MMS function works only after inserting videos, sound samples, and images.

Phone Book Handling:
The handset phone book can record up to 1000 names. You can store more than one phone number in the name. Other features include Image ID and Ring ID.

So, if you are looking for a Samsung phone that is practical, good looking and functional, Samsung Genio Touch is the ideal choice.

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