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Although the Samsung Galaxy S3 has already been launched recently and is well received by the audience, continues to succeed in its predecessor, ie. Samsung Galaxy S2. This device is fast, thin and beautiful and has a brilliant camera along with a crisp screen.

The design of the Samsung Galaxy S2 is quite attractive with a curved display resembling the Galaxy Nexus. The back cover of the phone is made of plastic, which is easy to open to replace the battery, SIM card or microSD card. The overall texture of the phone looks good. This phone is also among the smaller smartphones available today and is only 8.49 mm thick. A 1.12 GHz dual-alloy "Exynos" processor provides this great device. It consists of 1 GB RAM and Super AMOLED Plus display that offers a better screen than other phones in this category. There is an 8 megapixel camera on the phone that contains flash and 1080p video recording. With one full battery charge, the Galaxy S2 will provide you with up to 10 hours of high usage, but in case of lighter usage, the battery may last for several days. The internal memory of the phone is a huge 16GB and a microSD card is available on the phone, which allows you to increase the phone memory up to 64 GB using a microSDXC card.

The display of the phone is covered with Gorilla Glass and has oleophobic fingerprint-resistant coating. The glass also helps reduce grain and provides much sharper text and images. Among the best things you can find in the Samsung Galaxy S2 is the brilliant sound that Yamaha offers. It's the main camera with 2 MP in this phone for the purpose of making a video, recording videos and recording videos with a maximum resolution of 640×480 pixels.

In this phone, the manufacturer has also introduced a new diagnostic technology, ie. Mobile High-Definition Link or MHL. The main advantage of using MHL is that it is optimized for the mobile phone and allows to charge the battery to a mobile device, but at the same time the media plays the contents. There is a 3.5 mm TRRS earphone connector available and located on the top of the device, but you can find a micro USB connector on the bottom of the device.

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