Samsung Galaxy S2 is a versatile option

Samsung Galaxy S2 has proved very popular for Korean manufacturers. It boasts an impressive special list that matches very few handsets. It has versatility Android OS, along with some seriously capable of hardware.

In this article I will give an overview of some of its key components. You can decide if it's the right smartphone for you.


The Samsung Galaxy S2 is presumably one of the most stylish smartphones available. With a great smooth profile of just 8.5mm, it's a pleasure to keep and use, and it's also very lightweight at only 116 grams. With both black and white versions available, it's a great looking handset that's head-turning but tasteful.

Dual-Core Processor

Samsung Galaxy S2 was one of the first smartphones that boasted dual-core processor as part of a special list. At 1.2 GHz it's a very powerful addition and it's great for many aspects of the phone, ie. multitasking, web browsing, touch screen response, etc. It also allows challenging applications to load almost instantly and perform effectively. It will probably not be long before all smartphones have dual-core processors as standard and the Galaxy S2 is the ultimate show for this technology.


Samsung Galaxy S2 performs a brilliant camera with an 8 mega pixel camera with LED flash, face and smile detection and even 1080p HD video recording including credentials. The camera is easy to use, and as you can imagine, the images are of very good quality, thanks to the number of pixels and resolution 3264x 2448.

Android OS

The operating system chosen for the Galaxy S2 is Android v2.3 (aka Gingerbread) which is the latest version of smartphone optimized software. This is increasing rapidly in popularity, and many experts believe that Android devices will soon become more popular than the iPhone. Whether this happens or not, users of the Samsung Galaxy S2 are in a great user experience, thanks to the versatility, customization and ease that the Android platform offers. Samsung has created its own user interface to run over Android, called TouchWiz. This offers many customizable homescreens and a wide range of available devices. One of the main advantages of Android OS is that users can access Android Market, and much like AppStore Apple, can view thousands of download applications, from a variety of different categories.

These are just a few features of the Samsung Galaxy S2. The popularity of this handset is not surprising; His predecessor sold over 14 million units before this edition was released. The Samsung Galaxy S2 is now available, offered by numerous UK networks, as many offer handsets themselves free to sign up for one of their tariffs.

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