Samsung Galaxy 5: Great Features and Great Performance

One of Samsung's latest mobile phones is Samsung Galaxy 5 from the Galaxy. Experienced companies like Samsung continue to introduce something exciting and innovative to meet their customers' expectations. After taking up the big market with its innovative mobile phone range, like Samsung Corby, Samsung has already created all new branded smartphones under the Galaxy brand. Launched in 2010, the Samsung Galaxy 5 has added new issues to mobile phone usage.

The look and design of the Samsung Galaxy 5 is quite unique, as the texture and shape differs from other smartphones available on the market. In fact, it resembles Samsung Corby in size as it is also very smooth and, in addition, the phone's features trim down as you go down. Like other Samsung mobile phones, this phone is also made with a glossy plastic back. While some people do not look like average looks, displays and features are just amazing. The phone has the ability to attract the attention of all generations of users. It comes with a large screen of 2.8 inches. It is a touchscreen with highly responsive features.

When it comes to the interface of this phone it is quite great and receptive. It works on Android 2.1, which makes a lot of experience for its users. The ability of the touchscreen is increased because TouchWiz 3.0 is available.

This Samsung mobile phone has a good 2MP digital camera that offers you the opportunity to take photos and videos when you do not have your digital camera with you. This camera also allows additional features, such as multiple images and other images, such as negative, sepia, and degrees. In addition, videos shoot at a rate of 15fps which is pretty good speed for Android-based phones.

Another good feature of this phone is the music player that offers a good selection of music and playlists. In addition, 3.5 mm headset helps you become flexible while using this phone.

This Samsung phone is powered by a 1200mAh battery. The battery offers and talk time 9.5 hours and waiting time 520 hours. In terms of connectivity problems, the phone is equipped with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and 3G. In addition, using this phone, you can be connected to social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and orkut.

Since this is a good deal, you will be interested in knowing the Samsung Galaxy 5 price which is about 9,000 INR. However, if you want to have a Samsung mobile price list, you can visit reputed online store store.

Source by Rani Dhillo

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