Samsung G800

Samsung has risen in popularity in the UK in recent years. Offering quality products with realistic pricing means they have overcome rivals like Sony Ericsson and Motorola.

Their reputation for high-end slashing phones has produced some great examples in the past – but now we'll get you back up with the Samsung SGH-G800 5 megapixel 3G camera with almost all the features you might want!

I have tested the handset for the last few weeks. The camera is clearly the strongest point of sale for this mobile phone and it works great. Screw photos and videos are just click away and you can easily move your files by Bluetooth or use the TV show and watch your TV shows from the comfort of your armchair – great! With xenon flash, 3x optical zoom and auto focus, you'll never take a bad picture again. The video works as expected or equally acceptable and offers all popular formats to choose from. Fortunately, memory will never be a problem for you with the G800 because it has not only 110MB embedded, it also has expandable memory through microSD up to 4GB – more than enough for me that's alright.

I had some recent collections in recent years like the D500, D900i and U600 and were excited to see the old familiar menu system that I have promised when Samsung G800 ] goes up. The menu on any Samsung is very intuitive and simple to get from one place to another.

Apart from all the usual fun things like games, the G800 is also a good business device. With Microsoft Office, Powerpoint, Document Viewer, Mobile Printing, Voice Center, and Voice Editor, it's sure to help each employee organize a busy schedule.

The only hills of the G800 that I can imagine is its size. Now I'm not wrong it's not a big chunk on a mobile phone, it's relatively small in 101.5 x 52 x 18.8 mm and weighs 129g – it's just that compared to previous models I had (above) It is quite thick and heavy for what I've used to be. But taking into account that this has dual qualities, you must understand that technology must be crammed somewhere!

All in all, the G800 is a premium phone that I'm more than happy with!

Source by Andrew Leech

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