Samsung G800 – Great Look and Advanced Features

Samsung is a well-known brand that produces high quality slider phones. Samsung is the only company that constantly launches slider phones, one by one. The Samsung G800 is another slider phone that boasts some strong features. Some call it the queen of the slides.

G800 has an ultra compact and fascinating look. The slider door of the phone comes with a large color display and is easily accessible by external keys. The introduction of open corrugated equipment is one of the innovative features of the device. The soft-touch slider phone is embedded with a wide screen that measures 2.4 inches. The display on the phone adds up to 65k colors on the TFT display. The screen of the call shows crisp and animated videos, screensavers, images and videos.

The Samsung G800 comes with a 5 mega pixel camera that is easy to control in the closed window. The advanced camera features the phone allow users to get high quality photographs. The fact is that the camera on your mobile phone is supported with 3x optical zoom, xenon flash, auto focus and many other settings. The advanced camera features allow users to record video footage as well. In addition, the integrated music player and stereo FM broadcast of the phone allows users to listen to their favorite music even on the go.

G800 is a dual-compatible phone that enables users to enjoy high-tech options for faster data transmission. In addition, universal multimedia messaging allows you to send and receive data, pictures and audio messages to close and dear people.

Finally, with great features and looks, Samsung G800 brings attention to both business and casual mobile users.

Source by Adam Caitlin

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