Samsung F210 Purple is the next F210 addition to Samsung's "Stick & # 39; Range

As Samsung joined the UK mobile phone market seven years ago, they have used their headquarters to the east to release new and innovative designs that have been envy by other manufacturers.

Innovations like the Samsung X830 that was the First Later "Stick & # 39; phone designed to be worn around the neck instead of stored in a pocket or handbag, the X830 was a music phone that was designed with similar issues in many ordinary MP3 players; however, deice also offered a fully functional call and receiving function as well as integrated digital cameras that allow you to use unique camera, MP3 player and mobile phone.

The X830 was a very lightweight handset weighing only 74g, measuring only 85mm in length and the latest release from "Stick & # 39; The stage follows these issues closely.

The new Samsung F210 Purple Edition adds only 2g to total weight and 2. 7mm in length, but it packs in much more features and upgraded software.

The camera has been upgraded from 1.3 to 2.0 megapixel with flash for low-sensitivity photography, digital zoom for immediate shooting and video capture and playback support.

The memory of the F210 is much larger than the X830 and offers 1GB of storage space, enough for up to 1000 songs, and in addition to using a MicroSD card, it can be expanded to accommodate extra pictures, videos and music files .

The internal music software has been added and users can upload songs from the computer using the Micro USB cable, then arrange them and organize them in playlists to suit the type, mood or speed while the audio output has been updated to produce 3D audio to enhance listening Experience, there is also an integrated FM radio to listen to new music and keep informed about local weather conditions and news.

The Samsung F210 still features the X830 spin-opener that includes turning the 180-degree main d screen to display the keypad and activate the handset. Another feature that has passed a time test is a metal button located just below the main screen, which is used to enter the menu system and can be used while the phone is closed to control the music player.

F210 Purple may be the first of many versions of variant version that British distributor Phones4U has ensured a private agreement with the manufacturer and pop girl Girls Aloud to sell the branded model of the handset with content like the latest bands, themes and ringtones. There are also plans, like the original X830, to release the model in a variety of new colors, including pink, blue and black.

The new Samsung F210 is a welcome version of "Stick & # 39; and will undoubtedly tempt some X830 users to update their mobile phones, it offers similar information and sizes, but the features have been updated to compete with emerging markets in music venues.

Source by Susan Hargreaves

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