Sailor Jerry and her Sexy Pin Up Girl tattoos

Have an interesting look at the tattoo history with the great masters of old school tattoos. Jerry Collins is the father of the tattoo, and pinup tattoos are now extremely popular.

Born in 1911 and died in 1973, Jerry was a sailor for most of his life. He stayed in Hawaii where he had access to Far East Great Mysticism … he was in close contact with the Japanese tattoo massager and learned a lot from them.

Early tattooing in tattoo history when only seafarers, cyclists, and social deviants were given tattoo. He raised the art of tattoo with a new respect and perfected sterilization methods. He pointed to tattooing professionals in lesser health than "stinging artists".

The most famous of girlish tattoos, demon tattoos, devils, etc. Jerry perfectly perfected the pin-up girl concept as the supervisor who would lead a poor navy to its destruction. He, the liquor, the combination of gambling and fast cars, is called the "death of man".

Jerry Sailor mentored modern day tattoo masters such as Ed Hardy, Cliff Raven, and Mike Malone. Ed Hardy and Mike Malone inherited all Jerry's tattooed flash art and tattoo designs.

With the resurgence of the popularity of old school tattoo, Jerry's gray pinup daughters have become iconic. There is a range of products that now has the pictures … from rummage, clothing, ashtrays and cards, 92 proof! Speak ubiquitous and iconic – I've seen rum the next day at Rite Aid Drugstore!

Source by Stacy Lande

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