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When you think about online auctions today, eBay's name is first and foremost minded. This website was the first in what is now a story about the auction, which began in 1995, when Pierre Omidyar sold his first share. The item was broken laser, which sold 14.83 dollars to people who collected such items.

The story of the online auction was born with that sale and has continued to grow with expense from the first date. Omidyar quickly found out that his hobbies about making online garage sales had to become part-time, which increased full time in a short period of time.

In many ways, thanks to eBay, other online auction sites exist. became a fierce competitor in late 1990 and Yahoo! Auctions, which actually have an even greater market share in some countries.

Other auction sites, but not as big, managed to make their mark. ePier, started by poor poor students, has been one of the few auction sites to resist all storms and continues today.

Today there is a certain move away from auctioning to traditional sales methods. Craig lists and other online advertising are gaining popularity and's open retail market has also won quite a market share with individuals who peddled products from their garage.

However, much of their success is owed to the first pioneers of online auctions. Undoubtedly there will be new technology and new companies that take the market in another direction, so online auctions will be enjoyed by the group, as it was at the beginning.

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