Safe Retention of Receipts (SKR) – Collateral for Other Financing

Safe Security Receipt, or SKR, are bank accounts that are increasing as collateral for other funding. SKR is a financial instrument issued by a security center, bank or storage facility. In storage, assets or other assets are in a safe, secure and protected area. The publisher of SKR is responsible for being a legal depositary. Check with your organization or secure storage facilities as some require fees for this service.

Examples of assets that can be taken into consideration:

• Fur SKR
• Gold SKR
• The above SKR properties
• Commercial property SKR
• Antitrust SKR
• Valuable Documents SKR
• Precious Metals or Gems SKR

Publisher SKR is not a legal owner and must therefore return the property to the owner upon request. Who can get SKR? Individuals, companies, companies, organizations and trusts to name a few. The owner of the SKR can income this device much like SBLC, LC, Bond or BG and use these funds as another funding source for projects. Most issued SKRs are able to transfer SWIFT, although some may require additional MT 760 at the same time to transfer funds to the transaction.

Revenue and SKR is the process of converting the financial instrument into mandatory transactions. Depending on the revenue collection fund that may apply to certain additional conditions. For example, the property is free and clear, meaning; Is the title free and clearly registered on SKR? Regardless of the value of SKR, free title is the only important factor in monetization. The next important factor is the performance of SWIFT MT 760. When revenue is usually taken for one year and one day without otherwise agreed, the security certificate is then completed by the originator.

With these very important places, your income insurance can be safe because you do not transfer your property or surrender in most cases. All expenses related to your income collection should be paid by your income and not in advance. For many reasons, you should never expect SWIFT or transfer SKR to someone or company without having a contract in place or know the company you are dealing with. Your monetizing SKR can be a solution to other traditional funding.

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