Running to lose weight with iPhone

Let's get one straight – I'm the absolute iPhone Geek! I love it and think it's simply the most innovative device in our generation. It might sound like a very strong statement too much with dirt.

But let me tell you about one of the ways that iPhone is transforming many of the lives of being another technician.

It's all in one of Apple's great innovations called the App Store. The App Store has allowed developers around the world to start developing their own apps to run on iPhone and take advantage of many great features.

One such program that I have recently started using is called RunKeeper. Very simple, RunKeeper is an iPhone application designed to provide great information to the mountains and NASA such as telecommunications technology on jogging and running habits.

I have recently run in a big way. In the past 6 months I have run a few 5k and 10k jelly and I think it's an exciting experience. I've often wondered while driving 1k or 2k or more likely, the 8k mark, how accurate the markers are. Well with Run Keeper, I'll never wonder again.

The best way to describe RunKeeper is to compare it to those GPS systems that may have in your car or have seen in any car. RunKeeper allows you to track the drive accurately using iPhone's GPS capabilities.

When you're about to run, just run Runer and click on the "Start" button. From that point, assuming you have a valid GPS signal, RunKeeper will monitor the race with the accuracy of the army. In fact, it is so precise that you will be surprised how accurate the card is created when you finish your race.

What's more, this little jewel of an app offers:

  • the exact distance you've achieved in your run
  • speed of the race with a directional element that shows you when and when you were driving faster and when you were running slowly

What is RunKeeper?

The real beauty of this app and how it really helps when it comes to losing weight is that it gives you real help when it comes to encouraging you to increase your strength.

How do I help to lose weight by running?

I've set goals every time I run at least beat my previous walking time by 5 seconds. Knowing that I can accurately track running time and distance allow me to measure my performance with ease. Before I would have to guess a little and so the incentive to track and beat my previous time would not be as strong or as obvious.

Any difficulty with this great little app?

Surprisingly there are many small programs like it starts to pop up in the App Store. All of them, however, are inferior to RunKeeper than what they contain and their accuracy.

RunKeeper is not without bugs either. A big big complaint at the moment is that it sucks life completely from the iPhone battery. You must not run any marathon by using this program anytime unless you are a marathon runner! But for a shorter distance running and jogging, RunKeeper is perfect. I'm sure that with future versions of the application, they will solve some battery problems.

I find RunKeeper a great way to compare my Profit and Loss Accounts with total weight loss. There is no better incentive to reach the end of the week and watch my weight loss in the week against milestones that run under running. I can now easily see that in weeks where I increase my speed and intensity I will lose more weight – clean and simple. Before I started using RunKeeper, I knew that was probably the case, but I had no way to keep track of sure if that were the case. Now I can do it with ease.

I thought best for the last – this app is completely free! It's an ad-supported free version and it's a professional version that you can pay for if you want the program as much as I do not have any ads. Well, if you have an iPhone, you should pop up the App Store on your device and get it right away. If you are not – then you get one today!

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Source by Ed Bloom

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