Roach Repellent – 5 ways to keep cockroaches from your homes

Reducing cockroaches is part of an integrated pest management solution that prevents the home of cockroaches. If cockroaches do not like the environment of their home, they are less likely to enter and nest. If you find roach repellents that do not repel all the people you know, it's even better.

The next 5 roach repellants might just be the trick of having your home the last place where a cockroach wants to live: – Roaches do not like red peppers. So, if you spray a solution of red pepper into the kitchen and the bath, you can avoid these surfaces. An easy recipe for trying to take a portion of spray is to mix 2 tablespoons Tobasco sauce (primary ingredients red pepper and vinegar) with 1 liter of water. Pour into a pump spray bottle and bind to the surfaces. Carefully, you vaporize it into the air. As long as the fog is settled, it is likely to sneeze more times than a few times. Consider to apply a mask when the spray is applied. Moth Balls – Cockroaches like butterflies do not like butterfly balls. One common solution is to pull some butterfly balls behind the stove to keep the bugs. One or two can be useful in the cabinet under the sink. Mothballs do not like people, so do not place them close to food or food preparation areas.

Cedar Products – Oil of cedarwood is effectively deterrent for many beetles. Many products are available to take advantage of this fact. Look for thin cedar veneers that are made of drawers and cabinets, cedar spheres, blocks, chips, etc. It can be used in drawers and cabinets as well as (of course) cedar plates and coverings for ultimate protection.

Mint Oil – Mint oil is the primary ingredient of many non-toxic fire extinguishers. The dragons are avoided, and when they are covered, they are suppressed. Sprayers do not kill as fast as typical toxins, but can be safely used in the kitchen and pets and children. There is a possibility of spraying, such as paprika spray, by drilling Dr. Brauner peppermint castillary soap in water and then using a spray bottle. I did not try, but soap concentrations may be high enough to create your own rattle spray.

Bay Leaves – Letters are sent to newer to avoid routes. For any grocery store in any grocery store, you can add a lot of dry laurel broth. Place whole leaves or small pouches from crumpled leaves in cabinets and cabinets. This is a good option for kitchen cabinets.

With the exception of butterballs, no hazardous chemicals are present in these predators. Give them a try, combined with bait, lock, and applications of diatomaceous earth and boric acid to eliminate cockroaches at home.

Source by Robert S. Tennerman

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