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The iPod is a trademark of a small ultra-light, hard-disk-based microphone. It is designed and marketed by Apple computers. It's a touch-sensitive media player that has slim design, large storage space and many other sideways. The iPod Touch is not a mobile phone or smartphone, but it's a small digital gadget that carries out almost all other features of smart phones. IPod is similar to iPhone without phone. In other words, iPod has almost all iPhone features than its network connection. Use it to listen to songs, watch movies, play games, check emails or browse the web. With the exception of calls, you can do just about all your smartphone can do, with the exception of monthly charges with your phone service provider. It's like having a little computer in your pocket.

iPod has three main features: it's music and video player, web browser and email, and it can run applications downloaded from Apple's App Store.

iPod Touch comes in 3 versions: 8GB, 32GB and 64GB. The new 64GB model can store a huge music library. 64GB storage gives more than enough space for your music, games and images, application requirements – 64 GB capacity can be used to store 14,000 songs, 90,000 images or 80 hours of videos. For a video, the touchscreen is elegant. Videos purchased by iTunes look excellent and the controls on the screen are working well. There are many free apps, games and music products from Apple that you can put on iPod. The email tool is simple but worked well enough.

When you buy iPod, you will need to get a small "Start Here" guide, brewer, custom headphone and white USB charger.

iPod Touch has a crisp and clear 3.5 "touch screen with 480×320 resolution. On the screen with fingers, as you do on the iPhone iPod Touch has only a few buttons and ports, including the Apple USB charger connector and regular 3, 5mm headphone headphone.

iPod comes with OS 3.1 in advance, but it's very easy to upgrade to iOS 4. Just hang iPod to the computer, launch iTunes and perform the update. All iPod touch 3rd generation models get the ability to live to folders to store your applications This is a very good setup when downloading applications from the iTunes Store that offers over 100,000 applications. You can download more applications directly from your iTunes Store or download them to your computer. or Mac and then syncs iPod Touch with your computer. iPod Touch has built-in applications that contain calendar, contacts, comments, stocks, mortgage clock and calculator.

The Apple iPod provides amazing entertainment for all ages. All types in the iPod family are designed for use and can easily be used by little children.

iPod Touch is more than just a music player. It's incredibly impressive and useful gadget.

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