Revision of the 2-in-1 Notebook, HIPO I101

Sometimes it's hard to choose a device that's ideal for both work and entertainment. But the option is still there. To solve this issue, many manufacturers made a lot of effort and installed the 2-in-1 laptops. The new HIPO i101 is such an innovative laptop / tablet hybrid that combines the best bits both in one versatile device.

HIPO i101 is an Intel Baytrail-T (Quad-core) Z3735F powered 2-in-1 notebook with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support. It has 2GB DDR3L of RAM and runs operating system version of Windows 10 on 32GB eMMC. In addition, it receives a 10.1 inch, 1280 x 800 IPS display, which has 16:10 ratios.

Design and Publishing

HIPO i101 is a wonderful little thing. With the case 258 * 172.6 * 10.1 mm, it fits easily into a messenger bag or backpack that makes it an ideal choice for students or users who want to work on the move.

It looks great and offers. Since it is convertible, you can use HIPO i101 as either a tablet or laptop as appropriate. As a table, it works well as an appropriate entertainment device. Impressive, it is very thin and feels comfortable. As a laptop, you can compare it to other laptops in action. Furthermore, it is much denser and thinner than the latter.

As for the display, the HIPO i101 uses a 10.1 inch, 1280 x 800 IPS display, which is unexpected.

Features and Performance

Performance of HIPO i101 are also ok. It runs on Intel's Baytrail-T (Quad-core) Z3735F with integrated graphics of Intel HD Graphics (Gen7) and 2GB of RAM, which allows you to run applications and games from the Windows Store. Because of the installed operating system version of Windows 10, you can work with this new in known applications like MS Office, Skype, Photoshop and others.

Your device has two cameras, rear (2.0 MP) and front (2.0 MP). The front cover takes a high quality cartridge that is not ashamed to be displayed on Instagram. Also, this camera is perfect for video conferencing. Other features include 2 built-in 8Ω / 0.8W speakers, which support WiFi (802.11ab / g / n + BT 4.0), 3G, Bluetooth and Ethernet Network, HOST USB port, 3.5 mm Standard earphone connector, 2.5MM power connector, 1.4A HDMI connector, Pogo pin connector, etc.


Equipped with 3.7V / 6000mAH lithium-ion battery battery, HIPO i101 can last for 4 to 6 hours with active use of Wi-Fi or 3G battery module.


Although the HIPO i101 does not have many amazing levels, it will be the right choice for those looking for compact and portable devices and suffering from the option between Laptop and tablet.

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