Review of the Jabra SP5050 Bluetooth Speakerphone – Not sure – but for me, when I'm trying to drive while talking to my right, it's not always easy. By luring my phone to the ears, I'm still looking for the cheapest gas station. Of course there is a solution, and if you like most people who do not like sticking to their ears [other than fingers of course]it's time to try out the hands-free product such as the Jabra SP5050 Bluetooth Speaker.

Jabra SP5050 Speakerphone

Design and Usability: This stylish and stylish handsfree can be used on any vehicle while on the move. Attaches to the sun visor and can be set within minutes. Among the night robots, the Jabra starts even in night mode, switches off the LED, allowing the driver to blink from the corner of his eye without blue light.

Battery: The hands-free device has tons of good features, including auto-off after 15 minutes of non-dial-up connection to preserve the battery life. The battery has approximately 6 hours of talk time and 150 hours of standby time.

Compact: The SP5050 compact device is ideal for everyone who often uses the phone while driving or simply not to make it. It not only allows you to keep up with the world, but keep things safe. I have to admit that I use it everywhere – I can tell you how to put my car in the office. This is one of the bluetooth handsfree phones that you've heard of actually working and being used frequently. Not to mention how great work is to be done, it's amazingly amazing that a workout is moving fast when busy while talking on the phone. Besides, this device surrounds the city just because it is easy and easy to transport almost anywhere.

Prices: The retail price is higher than $ 99.00. The MR was caught on JR a few months ago, actually for $ 80, which was just over $ 20 in savings. After purchasing, I assumed that the installation took time, but it was actually very simple; the instructions say "little installation" – point on the point, took only 10 minutes. I bought it because I put the phone in the car. Finally, he decided it was too dangerous to drive without any means to make phone calls when my family and my office called every ten minutes.

Cons: Like any product, including Jabra, there is always something to catch; the car charger (which contains) 3 feet long! It often affects your driving, depending on where you keep it. Since the cable is so long that it is easy to bend, be sure to charge while driving. About sound quality – high quality on streets and urban areas. If you touch the motorways and the motorways, the noise inside the car slightly reduces the sound quality. But again, this is something I think, goes to the area and does not blame the device.

Summary: Personally, beyond the length of the charger, I am completely satisfied with the Jabra SP5050, as opposed to some others in the past. I think the price is true for this great product.

Source by Tomer Dean

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