Review of the Garmin Edge 800 GPS Unit

Garmin has recently introduced the highly-favored Edge 705 successor, the Edge 800 GPS being one of the simplest bicycle computers that offers a number of unsavory new features in the 705.

The Edge 800 is a full-color 160×240 backlit display that allows riders to fine-tune the 1: 50,000 map. The 37x55mm touchscreen features a simple operating system like an iPhone, using the iPhone sliding system to unlock the screen. The touch screen is easy to see the big buttons and can be operated with gloves, so in the winter months it provides the perfect bike computer for the tours.

The Edge 800 offers trip data with three customizable screens, containing 10 different information at a time, which are clear and easy to read. It offers a wide range of 800 data ranging from important time data to accurate calories.

The 800 model is compatible with Garmin GB Discover, which displays extensive operating system maps, in fact, the 800 model includes a 1: 50,000 UK map that includes national parks and other significant outdoor areas 1: 25 000 maps. Features 800 include Garvin's City Navigator or TOPO maps, so the riders have a step-by-step navigation guide or topographic view of the area. The 800 navigation features show a range of points of interest, such as local shops that are ideal for cyclists who need to find areas quickly. The 800 allows competitors to plan routes on their computer in advance, or reach recommended routes and access data for previous tours to help analyze all travel statistics.

The 800 is easy to mount; Includes a secure, two rubber O-ring that connects to the steering wheel in seconds. Setting up Edge 800 on your PC is also easy; simply plugging in the supplied USB will charge the device while setting up the device is only required if fans upload a chip to the MicroSD slot. Battery life of 800 is excellent for full days.

The Edge 800 is available in a variety of different bundles with a variety of map, heart rate and speed / cadence units. The heart monitor works great while staying extremely comfortable. The 800 ANT + Wireless Receiver allows you to integrate with a third party power meter or optional speed and pace sensor.

Extensive tests by independent cyclists have shown that the Edge 800 is one of the best cycling computers. Easy to use, robust and waterproof. Cyclists have a wide range of useful data and have a long lifetime to overcome long training.

Source by Saffron Samson

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