Review of Samsung Blackjack II

After I got Blackjack II for Christmas last year, I feel I have enough experience and will not be nice. The main reason I wanted Blackjack was because I did not want to look like a rich kid like her parents' money to buy the latest technology. What a big mistake.

Looks: The phone looks great, with a big screen and a small keyboard fit into a box-like design. Black plastic looks sticky and easily smears / scratches. The same applies to the screen; in one day when I put the phone in my pocket, there was a large scratch on the screen. In addition, fingerprints pick up the phone so quickly that there's no hope of keeping the phone clean. Chargers and MicroSD card slot connectors look good and match the silver strip around the phone and have proven to be very durable. The phone will not win a beauty contest, but mostly I bought the phone for its features.

Usage: I was not satisfied with the sound quality and coverage of the phone, even if there is a 3G connection. People's sounds are soft and fuzzy, no matter where I get a call. The loudspeaker phone works well and the volume is easily adjusted in the middle of the call with the buttons on both sides of the phone. The thing I was most happy about was the keyboard because I wrote a lot and speeded up my text. But the keys are small so you can easily forget the key you are targeting and often do not react when you press them. Another fantastic option is to translate texts in words, so you do not need to scroll through hundreds of texts of incoming mail. This also works with the contact list. The switch in my opinion is meaningless; I always use the control buttons built into the circular roller. One of my biggest complaints is a bug that sometimes does not allow you to unlock the phone, even if you press the corresponding keys. To do this, you need to manually intercept the battery by pulling it out, causing pain and taking a long time (starting 40 seconds). The last thing I use is the battery life I found astronomy. I can spend one week for a week in one day and send about 20 texts per day, and maybe I can call two or three minutes a day. This is noticeable on the phone's 3G network.

Additional features: The three most important features I'll talk about are the camera, the internet and the computer connection, all of which are a sad mistake. The camera can be high definition, but should set the size and quality to the lowest value to get a decent picture. In addition to the high quality settings, It takes 5 seconds to take a picture so I will not make such a good picture. We have access to the Internet, but it works so badly that we can browse the web using someone else's iPhone. You can not zoom in and out, so most pictures are tiny. Plus, textual websites only show one word in a row in your browser, so reading articles is simply a pain. ActiveSync, which synchronizes your phone with Outlook and allows you to transfer files to your phone, does not recognize the phone and is therefore useless.

Summary: The phone has been hailed as an iPhone killer, but it works so poorly that I can not help but want to have it loaded on an iPhone. Currently, iPhone 3G is the same price as Blackjack II, so if you take Blackjack, go to the iPhone. The only reason we would get a Blackjacket would be to have a great keyboard that will greatly help in wrapping up, but it will soon have to recharge the keyboards on the iPhone through the Apps store, which will bring the iPhone at a reasonable speed. We just hope the local store does not come out of the iPhone!

Source by Miles Moen

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