Review of ESET Cybersecurity for Mac – Objective independent review

ESET Cybersecurity for Mac 2010 released ESET NOD or an Open Door Anti-Virus software for Windows. High heuristics have been reported to have successfully found viruses in the wild for the past ten years. This is more attractive than using virus definitions based on known threats. How well does the Mac work?

Cybersecurity For Mac Threads

At the beginning of 2011, a Trojan threat was identified on Mac OSX that opens the backdoor for hackers. Most of the chats have come up with a message like "You think Mac is an immune virus for viruses, but not, and you're infected and there's nothing you can do with it."

The threat of growing malware has caused antivirus software. The Stuxnet worm broke into Iranian nuclear facilities, and Christian Science Monitor has recently shedding light on cyber-warfare, which is a worldwide problem. This ESET Cybersecurity for Mac is reviewing my 30 day trial download and implementation experience.

Earlier, Sohpos for Mac was tested free, forums unexplained unexplained problems while Leo Laporte, Tech Guy, ESET Cybersecurity for Mac is lightweight, non-intrusive and effective against all types of attacks. A single user license is $ 39 a year at a reduced price every year for 2 years.

ESET Mac Installation Experience

Installation is simple and simple. ESET does not run as an app, it is not visible to the activity monitor, and can not be quit or deleted. It places an icon in the menu bar.

I used the default settings for intelligent scanning. At about 85 GB, the test took about three and a half hours. The background process used a small amount of resources, but it ran a few times with the maximum capacity processors. I reapplied the computer and reset the scanning that was successfully completed.

Cybersecurity for Mac Results

ESET Cybersecurity 8 quarantined file with Windows Trojans. I could not find any way to delete files from ESET.

Polluted files reported a false notification from UPS for non-enforceable packages. They looked suspiciously at me, did not open the attachments, but sent them to the spam addresses. ESET found them in the folder sent by the e-mail program.

While it was useful to see them, it appears that officially unopened attachments are a threat.

Still, he was impressed, and he decided that it was worth protecting.

ESET Mac Complaints

Sometimes MenuMeters showed both processors on MacBook Pro with 4GB of RAM and the Intel Core Duo 2.53GHz full-capacity processor.

I opened the Activity Monitor, but I did not find anything with the use of great resources.

The next day, the maximum CPU usage was clicked and did not go away. I opened ESET Cybersecurity Mac from the menu bar. It can not be turned off due to full protection. Finally, I clicked on the Logs and found that "Mac's child process is not finished, try again in 0 seconds" and this process was in an endless loop, and entries entered the pages in real time, where I could not do it.

I reorganized my computer and removed ESET Cybersecurity. Fortunately, I saved the dmg file so that I can access the uninstaller.

Next I used a fantastic application, called Find Any File and removed folders for ESET launch, application support, and log files. It appeared that many log files contained the accident.

I reminded Apple of security software updates for the operating system software, cautiously when downloading and opening the software, and relying on the little snake to check all outbound connections.

This review of ESET Cybersecurity for Mac has used a release that was about four months old when installed and can improve very well over time.

Source by Daniel Dreifus

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