Review – HTC HD2 T-Mobile's Exclusive Phone

Official iPhone Killer was released March 24, 2010 solely brought to consumers from T-Mobile. If you consider iPhone to rise indestructible power plants that did not equal, then you are going to meet the iPhone Killer, HTC HD2. This phone is the better phone in the market. Some of the prevailing features of the phone are:

-Five megapixel camera: The camera on this phone allows you to take better pictures than most digital cameras! If you often take pictures then this is definitely a great feature to have.

-Voice Dial: When traveling with the need to call this phone, your best friend is where you do not have to make a call. It's as easy to mention that you need to call Dan out of your contacts list.

-GPS: This phone has amazing GPS compatibility, even when you're not located in the United States. It's ideal for family locations and avoiding tourist problems getting lost in a city or even a country you've never visited before in your life.

-Document Tab: This phone has made it easy to understand your business life from your personal life with sophisticated document tabs.

-Txt in speech: This is another incredible compatibility that the phone has that will make life a busy person's hassle.

-HD Video: This phone comes pre-loaded with Transformers and Transformers 2 with amazing high definition. It's a perfect tool for travelers who want to relax and watch a movie on the go.

-HTC brand: The HTC brand means you are running on Windows operating system. This phone contains Microsoft Word. It's a gift to have this phone function like a laptop without any clutter and heavy charger.

-16 GB storage: 16 gigabytes of storage space are whipped cream in another perfect phone. You do not need to buy a memory card for more storage, and it's perfect for those who do not want to carry iPods with them everywhere!

Overall Rating: 10/10

Source by Roy Armstrong

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