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# Display # battery charge # loading is not waiting for it 📱
✅iphone6 ​​error9 ✅iphone5 not loading
✅ samsung A5 does not charge
✅iphone6 ​​+ bad battery
✅iphone4s do not charge
✅iphone5 bad battery
✅samsung a8 broken glass
✅samsung s7582 Tasso

#Apple #Samsung #Oppo #Vivo #Huawei
#Asus #Acer #Lenovo #Nokia #HTC #imobile
Buy – Sell – Exchange – Change – Deposit – Repair Ð Make Bad IC Change
Flammable does not open
The charger does not charge a fee. Does not taste.
 No display, no signal.
Ð Sound system does not work. Open the display to change the display.
Ð 1 year warranty full responsibility for all damaged warranty repair repair screen broken iPhone Samsung
 Open Samsung Unlock Google Account or Lock FRP LOCK on all versions.

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