Removing the Iphone Sim Card

iPhone hit business, and many satisfied users are using this little innovation that put Apple back on top of the game. It is a kind of mobile phone that uses a GSM network. This means you need a SIM card that can work. The SIM card can only be purchased at AT & T because iphone and AT & T have signed an exclusive use agreement.

Removing the SIM Card

First, before attempting to remove the SIM card, you need to know what the SIM card is. This is a small flat object that carries its phone number and other connections on the server. To use iphone, you will need a SIM card sold specifically by AT & T.

To find your SIM card, you need to have the iPhone slightly to see the top level. You will notice three objects at the top of a iphone, a small recess that is a headphone jack, a narrow oblong door with a small dot and a smaller black elongated side that is the power button. The middle part of the slim silver "door". This is where the SIM card is hidden.

You'll need a paper clip to make ale to open this "door". The end of the paper port should be extended and this end must be snap into the small hole. This small hole serves as a locking device for the slot. If you put a little pressure on the paper bundle that is lowered into the small hole, the hole pops up and reveals the sim card.

Not yet about AT & T's rules about having a SIM card. If you are not sure about this, do not try to remove the card from your phone to avoid any nullity or nullity of the warranty. When replacing or reinstalling, all you have to do is align the card to the small slot that jumps out and slowly inserts it into your iPhone. You do not have to worry about incorrectly putting it back because it is in an irregular shape that just fits in with the card slot.

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