Religion and Small Business

Many wear their religion on their shirt, so to speak. I'm not sure they're true believers in any conviction or if it's just a market sense to try to attract a certain kind of customer. Let's hope the symbols are there because that's how they choose to live their lives.

Many times I see the look of fish in a shopping window. You know, one who is a solid bold line that splits and bumps apart reaches them to the right and goes over to the end to make a fishtail. I believe that this means that this person or company represents Christian faith. Or you see the beginning of a church on the delivery of van or cars windows or bumper stickers or any other announcement that they are associated with church or church name. Some even use clothes to recognize a particular religion. Again, all of this is just a strain on a bunk or true manifestation of faith? I hope it is the latter.

I believe that many (most) believers have a solid principal who, if accompanied, will help them treat others well. You know, things like respect, common courtesy, be friendly, loyal, honest in your relationship with others, kind, generous, helpful and cheerful. These are just a few qualities that most religions preach and try to get the congregations to follow. Who wants to shop in stores or have a service provider be impatient, angry, too expensive, late for policy, demeaning, smoking etc.

The other day I was in store and the salesman should have had a bad day. I was trying to buy a tile on my bathroom floor. She basically told me I did not know what I wanted and my knowledge of style was weird. She was very demeaning and made me feel well, you know it. I will never shop again and I will "die" to those who ask. It was very uncomfortable to say at least.

If we have small businesses to treat others the way we want to treat, we'll all be happier and our society will be a better place to live. Life is too short to be mean, angry and small. We must rise to the prey of the daily blows of life.

Good luck with your business and do it well for everyone.

Source by Randal Roberts

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