Release date for Apple iPhone 4S IOS 5.0.2

In October, Apple's hordes of cranes waited beside the waiters for shops that would like to start taking on the new iPhone 4S. Although people used to watch the purchase of a new phone, they did not disappear because the iOS compatible handset is a reward. After they finally bought the phone, cheerfulness became apparent in their faces. However, a few days after the use of the new smartphone, some problems were quickly detected.

Although not all users encountered a problem, many users complained of many issues with new devices. One problem was the short battery life. The phone did not last as long as expected. Another problem is white noise that has affected voice calls. It was first reported that the problem occurs when the speakers are connected. However, later reports revealed that calls are being made everywhere when connecting the headphones. The last problem was the inadequate Wi-Fi connection and poor phone signal.

Nobody first knew what was going on here. Later it turned out there were problems with the software. A user has upgraded his 4th generation iPhone to the latest iOS 5 software. This caused the problems. After coming back to iOS 4, the issues have disappeared. As soon as it was updated, the problems came up again.

This is proof that iPhone 4S has software problems. Cupertino acknowledges the problem and later released iOS 5.0.1. Many people think this will solve the issues surrounding their new smartphone. However, users reported that they made the problem worse. Users who have not experienced any problems in the past have now experienced problems.

According to reports, Apple is currently working on iOS 5.0.2 to solve problems with the new software. Although we do not mention when the patch will be repaired for iPhone 4S, we believe that the company will lose its time during the upgrade.

Today, we put more emphasis on offering devices that offer more sporty hardware and software. Even though it offers a better mobile experience, it also puts a heavy burden on the battery of the phone. Furthermore, the software is new. Like any new operating system, some errors are expected.

Currently, addressing these issues is Apple's primary task. So they expect the Cupertino tech giant to soon fix the iOS 5.0.2 update for the iPhone 4S.

Source by Sethe Gomez

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