Refugees and mobile phones, why giving children smartphone is absurd for child abuse

In the last days, it has really come to me how much I've seen who use either smartphone or in their hands. People in cars go down the street, sit at the table and even with urine with smart phones in their hands and while I mainly see children and younger adults doing this I'm starting to see older people do this more and more.

Although I was a shortfather for a while and even lasted for a moment, I do not have children and I will never have children. However, I do not feel ashamed or insufficient to say that I'm giving the baby a smart phone in connection with child abuse.

Blaise Pascal, one of the greatest truths ever spoken, said: "The whole humanity problem is caused by man's inability to sit quietly in a room once." The depth, depth and consequence of this true observation should be plastered everywhere , talk about often and be guided by the way you live your life. Unfortunately, it is not sexy and there is no money to do by sitting quietly so that these divine words get little attention and live in the dark in mind and the books are great thinkers and if they are lucky these words make it into the conversation or on t-shirt, hipster while sitting in a cafe and wondering if he's a little expensive than all the skinny jeans.

One of my best memories of childhood was sitting on the back of the car for long hours and just staring out the window and watching the world fly before my eyes. I would go back and forth to sit there thinking about things and just being there and watching the houses and the trees fly by as I sat still and all I saw was only actors running across a great level for pleasure my. The back of the car was a great place and I looked forward to sitting there and I could sit there and staring out the window was like a gift. I was given time with nothing to do, nowhere to go, nothing to catch, nothing to do with effort, and nothing to expect from me.

For me, this was a break from the usual effort The day where I could think of things that I might not think about another and, even better, thinking about things deeper I would usually have. I could also just be present at the moment and without having a job and no work to give anything, looking out the window was meditative, an impressive series of moments filled with peace as the universe would make a flawless and effortless dance in front of my eyes when she opened and developed like flowering flowers in the spring.

My cousin and my cousin would throw a swimming pool once a year ago and I do not really remember the day, but I remember the car rides. They probably expected about 2 hours away so it was a great time to just sit and enjoy the silence. One of my favorite drivers was when I was young and either my parents could not go this year or maybe so many of us were going to have to take cars and I rode with grandparents. I remember being in the back of his black cutie and almost all the trip was silent. They did not listen to the radio and after so many years they did not find the need to constantly fill the air with a loud voice so that they were just there and anything but a single question about my life it was almost quiet all the way down and all the way back.

This car was beautiful in its stationary and that is where my love of silence and quiet was made. In most days, I would go to the woods behind my house and just sit on a big rock, breathe deeply and enjoy the peace I found. At that time, I did not know that it was meditation, but I learned that the peace found in meditation is not because of meditation of its own; meditation does not create the peace we find but peace is always there, we are just not aware of it. It's because with meditation we allow our minds to settle and hundreds of things we are usually aware of begin to fall from our awareness and we become aware of what was always there all the time, peace. Peace is always there, but it is only grateful for our constant flow of thoughts, opinions and feelings, but if we can just ask our focus and look under them we can always find it. Today I like to meditate, but I do not do it every day, but I'm aware of my awareness so that I'm aware of peace that is always there under the constant stream of thoughts, concerns, and effort, and I'm gave a short stance from the mess of life and the refreshing spirit of my life.

How terrible would it be if I had a mobile phone when I was growing up? If I was to grow up on the smartphone, YouTube and Facebook, I've probably watched a movie on my phone or sent a tweet instead of learning the rich prize and royal treasure of silence. What fool would deliberately do business with tangible rush and a living sense of real awareness and experience for the wrong and empty world of transient amusement and distraction that at best titillates for a short second and you understand?

I see children now and I want to run up and click on the phone from their hands and shout at their parents, ask them what are they doing to themselves, even their children? These smart phones are definitely great advances and I do not say that people should not have them but why give them a little and impressive child and steal from that precious moment just staring out the window and doing nothing but thinking and [19659002] Granted people say they need to give their children a phone in an emergency and maybe it's true. However, I grew up in the 80s and 90s and the one who drove around with a mobile phone was then Zack Morris and he was not real. It's true that the kids are more mobile today and do more things, even I did but we did not have a cell phone and none of us were dying left and right. If we were out and about and had to interact with our parents, we would just ask to use some phone … you know, develop social skills.

Not long ago you want to see the 16-year-old by phone and you'd wonder what was wrong with the parent giving your child a phone. It was a big discussion not so long ago since people would sit and discuss why a child would need something so expensive and who in the world would 16 years old need to call so urgently that they would need their own phone. Today it's not uncommon for an 8-year-old to have an iPhone and society believes everyone needs to contain little children.

While I realize that the increased mobility of children today could argue that a child would need a cell phone I would give the child the cheapest flip phone I could find, after all if only if they need to contact In an emergency, they do not have to be able to watch YouTube videos on it. Allowed, phones are so advanced today that even very cheap phones can often surf the internet; After years of paying you go to the phone, I finally decided to get a good phone and I bought a refurbished LG smartphone for $ 10 online. Even though my phone is "cheap" I'm surprised at what it can do; the fact that I have a small computer, a digital camera and a camcorder in my pocket, blows my mind. I was in my car yesterday and I wondered what the name of the actor was playing "Mr. Belvedere" and it seemed to me that I did not have to be uncomfortably surprised and wondered … I had a computer in my pocket and This computer could talk to a lot of satellites that would talk to a lot of servers and they would all together and could tell me his name if I'd just ask! His name was Christopher Hewett and he died in August 2001. What is the time to live!

Here's a thing to know, though, that the thread did not make my life better, it just took me a moment. All I did was to relinquish patience and disaster with an active mind that by its very nature is never content and will only come up with something else to wonder a few minutes later. There is no need for any desire and no need to answer all the thoughts. I would have almost wished I did not have the phone in my pocket so I could have wondered for a few hours, then let the thought go and move me with my life. My life was not enriched by knowing that the actor's name was Christopher Hewett or that his father was a commander or that he also appeared in "Sid and Nancy." All that's a fluff … it's an expensive wrapping paper on an empty box; The paper wrapping might be a little wonderful and exciting, but when it is removed, all you have left is the box that was empty all the time.

Now all this seems to be lightweight but there is really a big problem here and that problem is escapism. People have real problems in their lives, and if they are forced to sit in a room by themselves, they have to deal with their problems and deal with them and it's not fun, so they try to escape. It's easy to turn to alcohol, other drugs, sex, excessive social and fun amusement as a way to prevent our lives and problems.

The rubbish is that when we pick up, finish and roll over or the YouTube video ends, we are left silent again and from there we are alone with all of our problems and all our unpleasant feelings and once again we have a choice about to deal with it or run away. Guess what? We get back to the arms of another drink, another pill, another club, another game "Candycrush" or Facebook mail because it's easier and to deal with our problems in the face and deal with them. Unfortunately, life does not live like that and only by coping with our problems, our lives will be better and we grow as human beings.

Therefore, one can not sit quietly in the room quietly because we are alone with nothing to distract ourselves from ourselves, our flaws and our problems and it scares hell out of us. Running away is easier and if adults want to do it in a heartbeat if we can get away with it then what about the kids? If we are lucky when we are younger, there are problems and our devils are less and if we learn to look into the eye, then we know how we do it when we are adults and our lives will improve us because of it. If, however, we never learn to do anything but escape how we will always know that we need to grow anyway, that this is possible.

Our inability to deal with ourselves is so great that when Virginia University did research, they asked people to sit in a room for 15 to 20 minutes and just sit there, not fall asleep and be alone with their thoughts. Almost nobody could do it; Half of them managed to cheat in some way like landing a cell phone and text during the test and the investigations suspects more people have betrayed but would not admit it. It will be even worse because before the test was requested to push a button that gave them a shock and everyone agreed that the shock was uncomfortable and most people said they would pay money to get the same shock again. However, when they were alone in the room, they had every chance of pushing the button and making another unpleasant shock and 70% of men and 25% of women did it! They were so uncomfortable to be alone with their thoughts that they decided to give themselves a painful shock to get away for a few seconds.

It is often said that people do not really change and this is often true. People do not change because the change is difficult and omitted is easy. People do not change because watching the problem in the eye scares live hell out of us and it's so easy to just play "play" or bring the bottle on our products. People do not change … that's until it happens. People wonder why bad people are getting good people and that's because if you have not seen anything bad, you should survive death and have no idea to wake up in hell. When things get bad and we find out that we can not escape our problems, it's usually only at that point that we feel courageous to see our devils in the eye and to stand under our ground.

It's terrible that when you finally do it, you look at the problems in the eye and you steer them down to the place where you can almost see through those you see the big scary devils who terrorize you all your life really afraid of you! They are afraid of your attention and your consciousness and therefore they do something to keep you from distracting. When they are truly confronted, they disappear for your eyes like the morning that burns the fog of water.

Today there is little difference in the area of ​​telephone and cane (literally, literally the difference between the world); as a cane is held in hand to help someone walk while the smartphone is usually held in hand to help someone distract themselves for a few minutes and in that interference find comfort from their problems. Finally, patience is wrong and their problems are still because refugees are nothing more than avoiding your problems and how can living your life be fully lived?

Source by Matthew Schafer

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