Recording the iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4 water hazard

Do you dispose of your iPhone 4 or iPhone 3GS in the washing machine? If so, you will need to save the iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4 without delay. If this step-by-step guide to this article does not show you results, you'll see information at the bottom of how to work with Apple to fix the iPhone 3gs / iPhone 4 or get a new one from the Apple Store.

Basic steps to go for a drenched iPhone.

2. Do not turn on the power until you finish all the steps. If there is water inside the iPhone, the phone may cause short circuits.
3. Remove the iPhone cover and remove the SimCard.
4. Shake any remaining water.
5. Use a dryer at the lowest temperature for 15 minutes and try to heat the phone to get the water out of the phone easily. Use low heat!
6. Stick to the iPhone bag in raw rice and make sure it is completely covered. Switch rice every day. Raw rice will surely absorb moisture and help further water on the iPhone. Leave the iPhone in rice for 48 to 72 hours for the ideal result.
7. Remove the iPhone from the rice and confirm that it is working. If it does not work or if you feel too much water on the iPhone, repeat steps 4, 5 and 6. Keep the iPhone inside the rice for another 4-5 days and check the redesign again until the iPhone is working properly.
8. This process works when the iPhone is in water in 30 minutes. If the process does not work after multiple attempts, continue reading.

Apple iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 Water Damage Guidelines

Apple has identified patches where watermarks can be found on their site. IPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 are equipped with liquid contact indicators at the bottom of the headphones. The iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 models also have a pointer at the bottom of the docking connector. These signals are triggered and PINK is slid right from the moment you come with a liquid containing water or even water. Indicators are specifically designed to avoid moisture and temperature changes.

If the pink flag is displayed, it indicates that the Liquid Damage Service is not included in Apple's one (1) year limited warranty or AppleCare Protection Plan (APP). However, your poorly-functioning phone can be replaced by a refurbished iPhone for $ 199 for the Apple Store as a full-featured iPhone. Also, if you purchased the iPhone 3GS / iPhone 4 from Best Buy or used a credit card that provides protection / security for your iPhone, you may be able to get money or even the iPhone for free. Check all the options before deciding to buy the new iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4.

Professional iPhone Restore in a Third-Party Store

If your sensor is pink and the iPhone just does not work to dry all the water on the iPhone, you can try and take it to a repair shop. They charge a small amount of service charge to investigate the damage and then show you an estimated price for iPhone repair. You can make a decision if you want to work with them to solve it. To select a trusted third party repair shop, see the article's site on the author's website.


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