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PDA phone or smartphone offers ease of use and powerful features and capabilities for businesses, or casual consumers. PC-like functionality PDA phone allows users to access and create email, documents and the Internet all of a sudden compatible device. Last year there have been a lot of innovative Smartphones from various manufacturers, with different capabilities and operational levels.

HTC launched a new Windows Mobile Smartphone, HD2 which is the successor of the original HTC Touch HD. This phone has one of the largest PDA screens, which measures 4.3 inches. It is also the first Windows phone to perform a capacitive touch screen, similar to the iPhone screen, which is used for finger control. HD2 boasts a 5.0 megapixel camera with flash, GPS receiver and standard 3.5mm headphone.

BlackBerry also provided an update to the current product line and updated Bold 9000 into the new Bold2. This phone offers better wireless access than the current BlackBerry, with better utilization of 3G coverage. The Bold2 ignites familiar trackball with the Trackpad, which should be better and more solid. Like other BlackBerry phones, Bold2 offers reliable and powerful messaging and has a live color display.

Samsung Moment is the first Android device company. The Android operating system runs on a 800 MHz processor, which makes the moment highly responsive. Some highlights of the phone include exceptional call quality and elegant color display. For users who invest in Google applications, it allows time to access Google Calendar, Email, and Contacts.

Nokia introduced a new phone, the Nokia N900, which is the first device to run Maemo, Linux-based operating system. The phone is known for smooth animation, easy installation and crisp screenshots. Another special feature is the keyboard that is user friendly and less heavy than the previous Nokia Smartphones.

Motorola Droid is another mobile-based Android OS and sets the standard for other phones that utilize this operating system. The Droid is the thinner phone with QWERTY keyboard and the screen is relatively large at 3.7 inches. The design is distinctly different from other PDA devices and has an attractive corner recognition. Mobile operators are stable and very practical, enabling users to manage files on the go. Also, the phone works well with many open applications at once, which is a huge advantage for heavy PDA users.

PDA mobile phones are gaining more and more attention in the mobile phone market. Even casual mobile phone users are buying smartphones to assist in organizing busy personal and business life.

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