REBUS – Absurd Logic Game by Jutiful: Review

I recently found an interesting game in the Apple App Store. It's called REBUS – Absurd Logic Puzzle by Jutiful. For those who do not know what rebus is, you're taking pictures or words and combining them to create words that are completely different than you can understand from the two words.

For example, if you take the letter "M" and put it on the word "DAY", you will receive M on DAY or "Monday."

Some puzzles are very simple, like this one. But others can be more unstable. For example, an example in the manual shows that the coat of arms is a "tab". I never heard a hanger called a tab before, so it was very confusing. I still do not know where they got it from and not all my friends that I have asked.

I also had a lot of issues with the keyboard, as the keys were not answered. Because of this, I experienced much more frustration than is necessary. I wish they would let us use the iPhone keyboard or at least clean your own more. As it stands, I had to strike very slowly and carefully to prevent any typeface.

But it's still a good game to stay here. The art is stylish and colorful. The appearance of the tables is also very good. If you want brain teasers, this is a game you will probably enjoy. But if you get frustrated easily, you can feel like giving up.

Luckily, the game is completely free to download and try. You get thirteen packs of eight levels to play. Once you've finished, you can buy three packages for just 99 cents. So you get a lot of money for your buck, as long as you do not buy a lot of clues.

There are also many pop-ups that can be annoying. But you can pay to remove them for the dollar. You can also spend five dollars and open all points and remove ads at the same time. So there are options if you do not want to wait until you can find them all out.

Overall, Rebus is a pretty free game worth testing. If you get stuck, you can buy clues with coins you earn or buy with real money. Otherwise, you can cheat through my guide:

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