REBUS – Absolute Logic Game: Jutiful: Review

I recently found an interesting game in the Apple App Store. This is REBUS – Absurd Logic Puzzle Jutiful. For those who do not know what the rebus is when they make pictures or words and combine them to create a word that is completely different from the relationship between the two words.

For example, if you choose "M" and put it in "DAY", M Day is DAY or "Monday".

Some puzzles are very simple like this. But others may be wider. For example, an example in the demonstration says that a jacket hangs a "ear". I never heard a coat called a front, so it was very confusing. I still do not know where they came from and not from my friends I asked for.

I had a lot of problems on the keyboard where the keys did not respond. That's why I experienced much more frustration than needed. I wish they could have used the iPhone keyboard, or at least refine theirs. As it stands, I have to enter it very slowly and carefully to avoid the mistake.

But there was still a decent game here. The artwork is stylish and colorful. Layout levels are also very nice. If you like brainbugs, this is a game you're likely to enjoy. But if it gets tricked easily, you feel like you give up.

Fortunately, the game is completely downloadable and can be tested. You get thirteen packages from eight levels for the game. Once you've finished, you can buy three more packets of just 99. So you get a lot of bucks for your money, as long as you do not get a lot of tips.

There are many pop-up ads that can be annoying. But you can pay for removing them for a dollar. You can spend five dollars and unlock all levels and remove ads at once. So there are options if you do not want to wait until you find them.

Overall, Rebus is a fair free game that you should try. If you get jammed, it's worth buying the coins that are worth buying or buying real cash. Alternatively, consider the respondent:

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