Reasons why the iPhone is better than Android

Each of these devices is constantly trying to outdo the other in terms of the programmer and the user. Each one is as powerful as the other and they are not without their own disadvantages. If we look at them further, we will find that there are some important differences. Here are some of the reasons why the iPhone is better than Android.


Android's latest buildings have become much more reliable and stable, yet are not compatible with OS 4 or earlier iPhone hardware. The operating system of the iPhone is very stable, reliable and reliable. It rarely rushes or freezes up. Android can sometimes be faster but tends to freeze much more than the iPhone OS. The disadvantage of Android is that it appears to be bothering error messages with failed processes that occur in most unpleasant times.

Balance and Conformity of Users

Android has tried its hand on a smooth user interface to finish at the same level as the iPhone. There are still other inconsistencies and disconnections in Android's programming languages. For example, there are no transformations in some places, such as opening applications or turning the browser. UI for Android is less attractive compared to iPhone.

App Store

Apple started the store for Smartphone devices. The iPhone app store is much bigger than the Android app store. There are about 200,000 apps available at the Apple Store, where Android is close to the 80,000 mark. This is one of the reasons that give iPhone the advantage over Android.

The Media

It is known that iPhone is a media drive. It has a lot of internal space that allows faster reading of the media content. As the iPhone has an iTunes store, it not only works as a brilliant music player, but also an excellent video program and an easy podcast. Android does not have an iPhone store as an iPhone, but users of the United States and the UK have access to the Amazon store. Android devices have no way to get TV shows and movies. iPhone is the best device, with the widest range of music, movies, TV shows and podcasts that can be downloaded to your device.

Browser compliance

The browser is not fully accurate on Android devices, and when you load multiple pages, Android has trouble interpreting the code correctly and many areas are not formatted properly. Another thing is, when the user double tap an item in the iPhone, it's easy to fall asleep so that the user can see or read the item they tap. On the Android device, it zoomes in the middle of its parts, and the user has to zoom out after double-tap to match it.

Battery life

In recent years, Apple has optimized the iPhone OS to preserve battery life. The iPhone 3GS can stand the best today in terms of battery life, when similar actions are taken. Android is not right optimized to maximize battery life, so the new devices have an insufficient battery life.

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