Read my Fiam's text message

Sometimes I was surprised how to read my son's text messages online. As a parent, I was worried about things that I disagree with on my cell phone. I do not want to say that I have a rotten boy, but boys will be boys, and sometimes the things they do are inadequate. They just do not think about it before they do it.


I've found a solution to reading my boy's text message online. It was simple and easy to use. Used smart phone spy software. This software records all the messages on my son's phone and sends them to a separate account. I can access this account at any time and would like to see exactly what my son and friends were like. This led to some of my collision with my son some of the things he did. I had another reason to call my privacy and reminded him that the phone was in my name and I paid the bill. If you wanted to use it; you can use it wisely. I found out that the software was a great deterrent to my son and his friends. They do not do the things they know they should not have anymore because they know I'm gonna get them. Software is not interested in deleting messages from your phone; they are recorded otherwise.

It also records all the pictures and videos from the phone and gives a GPS to the phone during the day. This is far more than learning to read my son's text message online. He keeps the boys honest. They are not trying to tell me they're doing something innocent, then I go and do something else. The boys learned to find out they lied. As a bonus he kept my boyfriend's friends. They know that I know and arranged to do things that I accept rather than dump it. They also ask for permission to do exactly what they want to do, not what they want to hear.

Source by Curt Lans

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