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Here's a quick look at the phone with the best smartphone ratings of 2008. Performance, functionality, productivity, user friendliness, size and value of all issues. Some of the big names in this industry are BlackBerry, Nokia, HTC, Apple and Palm, and they are regularly bringing new smartphones and upgrades for the current. And the tops for 2008 had many of these names, but in the end, like something, the smartphone is just as good as his needs. So you need to decide what your needs are and find the phone that best meets your needs.

The smartphones listed below are considered the best phones for each brand / carrier:

RIM Blackberry Bold – This does not disappoint you. Awesome screen, great tools and multimedia performance are at the top of the line. This is one of the best.

Nokia E71 – Sleek, cool design along with great functionality makes this one of the best smartphones to date.

Samsung Omnia – A user-friendly smartphone with fast transmission makes this a great choice.

Apple iPhone 3G – Faster networks, GPS, iPod, features, and more make this a great choice for everyone.

AT & T Tilt – The popularity of windows media, with great business activity and more make this one of the best smartphones in the market.

HTC Touch Pro – Invite both touch and slide keyboards, great screen and functionality make this one of the best smartphones.

Palm Centro – Slim size, user-friendliness, great features and lower prices make this a great choice for Sprint users.

Where you have it, seven of the best smart phones with the highest smartphones you find today. Most of these phones mean both business and personal use. And each and every one will benefit from you by saving yourself time, helping you organize a busy lifestyle and provide multimedia demand wherever you are.

So what does the best smartphone understand from others? Well, in theory – activity. People want a smartphone with lots of features. What kind of functionality should you expect top smartphones to be? Well, the best smartphones offer you an easy personal / professional organizer, email, QWERTY keyboard or touch screen (or both), D-pads, cameras, multimedia software to play music, view photos and videos and web access, GPS, Wi-Fi, television, high speed data transfer and more. The phones with the top-notch smartphone on the market today can almost be replaced by laptops for business or personal use (almost). The activity is really amazing!

To view the phone above, including a video overview of the actions of each and even more reviews, click the link below.

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