Rare elephants: Feet Phobia – Fear of feet

Are you one of these people who needs a nervous break in the shoes? Can not you see the view or the sound on you or someone else? If the answer to one of these questions is "yes," you may suffer from legs known as podophobia.

Foot pain is one of the rare phobias since only 1 in 1000 people have it. However, it could be a bit surprising in your life that many without this opiate may not have been considered.

To give just a few examples, this unusual fear could prevent you from going to the swimming pool, practicing the gym, shopping shoes or wearing tabs. Foot pain might be completely harmless, a little annoying and sometimes annoying. However, it could also lead to life impairment. It is therefore important to carefully judge how much it affects the day or life of another person.

What exactly is feat fobia (or podophobia)?

Fatigue like another phony is an illogical, unexplained fear. People who suffer from miscarriage feel very nervous, afraid, upset or even distracted by their feet in general. The exact cause of podophobia is not yet fully understood. Symptoms include overwhelming anxiety, sweating, rapid heartbeat, nausea, dizziness, difficulty breathing and desire to run away when you see or even thwart. Some people will experience panic attacks and very unpleasant emotions when they are against their feet. Of course, the individual's characteristics may be different and / or more intense than others. These fears could cause discomfort or irritation. For others, it could get so much that it interferes with its normal life.

Fear may be associated with a person or someone else's feet. Fostered people usually do not look at their appearance or someone else's feet, or feel feet when they look like brides and unruly. This person may also feel uncomfortable when others watch or touch his feet. He or she will even sleep in socks or shoes and will not even consider buying or wearing footwear or shoes of any kind. He or she can also hate the smell of the feet and while thinking about the feet imagine a contraction of fungal infections or verruca that makes it even worse. Unpleasant emotions would also appear while discussing feet or problems related to the legs. Phobia suffers from watching any TV show or television adverts. One of my friends, who suffer from feet in their feet to prevent unpleasant emotions introduced a rule in their house. You must wear shoes in his house. If the shoe is very dirty, it allows you to wear socks or pair of your own shoes. He even let his girlfriend touch his feet or take his socks around him.

When should you seek help to heal a leg?
Most fear and phobia, including phobia and fear of feet, are not serious, especially if they do not significantly affect your normal daily life. But if your fetal footbone leads to regularly avoiding situations and preventing you from working or enjoying life, you should consider looking for a doctor. Regardless of how long you've suffered from it, since unresolved life limits you've suffered because of your fears, your fear of your feet may be overrated.

Source by Ana E Johnson

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