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How to Set Up, Monitor and Pay Childcare Garnishments in QuickBooks seems to be a rather popular topic, I often see this question at many QuickBooks conferences and news that

Quick Facts about Child Care Garnishments:

  • Support for a child is after (after) tax deduction of employee wage costs.
  • You may have more than one employee with support from children.
  • It is appropriate to have a special employee deduction on the workbook.
  • It is not necessary to have special account statements for employees in the account report.

  • From the list menu -> select payroll list
  • Click the Lottery button (bottom left) -> and select New
  • Select EZ Setup Method -> Click Next Button
  • Select another deduction option -> and click Next button
  • Check the payroll option -> click the Next button
  • Enter information about which money is sent to (this is a QuickBooks merchant), the account number that will appear on the checkout and how often the money will be shipped -> click the Next button, and then click Finish.

At this point QuickBooks has created a payroll deduction item in your payroll called Salary. You will probably want to change this item, change that name into something more meaningful – maybe something like Employee X Child Support OR Employee X CS.

  • Go to list -> Payroll -> Find labor costs and double click on it to edit.
        • [EnterNameforDeductionsWide(ThumbnailWageGarnishment)WritingMachineEmployeeXCS->andClickEnglishButton
        • For the guarantee account, make sure you select (or create) a subtotal account of normal account obligations – a quick trick to add a sub-account here in this window is to first select the default account obligation, then click the box and enter " Child Support "(without quotes), you must immediately say that the account does not exist and you should select Setup; Create your account and then select it.
        • Continue clicking the Next button in the following windows, change nothing until you reach the last window; Because you choose Finish.

      Adding the Children's Update to the Staff Registry

      • From the Employee Center, Find and Modify an Employer
      • Switch to payroll and refund section using the Edit tab drop-down menu
      • Each week when you pay a payroll, the specified amount will be deducted from the employee's salary and sent to the account and displayed in the account report or economic report.

        In fact, to send the check to the agency The money, you will go to the payroll box at the employee center and choose it from the debt service's debt service.

        I hope you find this written manual useful, if so please leave a comment.

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