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Google Play is not the only market for Android apps. For many reasons, many people are encouraged to search for applications outside of Google Play. The most important Android market is huge and popular, but on the other hand, new applications are harder to discover. Alternative markets may include apps that have been filtered out on Google Play in country-specific applications, or just special tools such as Amazon Appstore.

There are concerns about alternative store vendors in front of users and software owners. Users have increased the risk of getting malicious programs or poor quality UXs. Problems with developers and software owners can be hidden in terms of installing the application and piracy issues. Not all alternatives are as useful to Google Play, but some may be of interest in the distribution of apps.

Google Play Store

We all know the mighty Google Play, the developer's primary target. efforts. So you do not have to write a lot about it. Whatever your chosen stores are, most likely, complete with more than one million applications in the arch.

Amazon Appstore

If we talk about the most popular alternative to Google Play, we're talking about Amazon Appstore. This is the default storage for Kindle Fire tablets that run Android Android, and is often listed on the most popular Android Tabs list. It can therefore be useful for owners of tablet optimized apps. An interesting feature for mobile users is the "Test Drive" that allows you to try an application by launching a virtual copy in your browser and using a popular free-to-use application. Developers have stricter quality control than the Google Play Store. There are currently about 128,000 applications in the Amazon Appstore and are available worldwide in more than 200 countries.

Samsung Apps

Samsung is the largest hardware vendor in Android and has its own application store that can be accessed by the application called S Suggest, which is also Samsung's trademark. Applications must be submitted and subjected to quality control and device compatibility checking, so the risk of getting malware is minimized. The shop has about 30,000 applications and operates in 125 countries.


Another alternative application stores over 21,000 Android applications that are reliably high on the community and have a quality control process. It is globally available and supports many payment methods, and most popular is probably PayPal. It would be quite easy for your app to notice in the store. Other remarkable jurisdictions are to gain more revenue compared to the SlideMe advertising network and the three standard models in the above mentioned store (70% of the revenue is owned by the software and 30% by the store).


GetJar doubles the world's largest open application store and focuses not just on Android. This independent vault has 350,000 mobile apps for Android, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, and smaller platforms. Like other businesses, it is easy for users to discover and find applications by categories and subcategories. This is a very popular free application database that is able to create additional users for the software product.

Always browse detailed information about these and other stores (such as Opera Mobile Store or LG Smart World) and consult with the developer before planning the distribution of the Android software. The platform's openness and resilience has ensured its popularity around the world, and it can put a lot of applications and discover for many users in niche app stores. Although smaller app stores have fewer visitors than Google Play, you have a much greater chance of showing your app.

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