Quick fixes for Android Smartphones

Problem with your Android Smartphone? You may need to solve these three quick fixes so you do not need to send it to do it.

Before you do anything, copy your data! It includes contacts, pictures, videos, apps, and personal information. Otherwise, if the phone decides to wipe the memory while trying to fix it, you will lose everything and start from the beginning.

Now that your phone is copied, let's review three quick fixes that tend to solve most issues with Android Smartphone.

Quick Fix 1: Remove Your Battery

You've heard it a hundred times, but turning it off and turning it back is often the simplest solution that seems magical to solve all sorts of technical flaws. And this is always the first thing that any phone repairs do. Removing the battery to force the handset to reset itself is also good. Make sure the handset is actually removable batteries before you break it apart!

Remove the device and remove the back cover and remove the battery. Turn it off for about a minute, reinsert the battery and close the back cover. Your phone will recharge, but if it does not press the power key to start it.

If this did not make the problem, software upgrades could be the answer …

Quick Fix 2: Update Your Software

Just as Windows Update can give your computer a fear of & # 39; blue screen of death & # 39; Only to be stuck next day with Samsung upgrade, software updates can make as amazing things for the handset from adding new features to fix bugs.

To make a software update, make sure that you are connected to a secure Wi-Fi network and make sure that the phone is properly charged or connected while updating because it may take some time and drain battery. After all, you do not want it to die halfway through reset.

Tap the Settings icon in your apps list, scroll down and tap Phone, tap Software Updates, tap Check Now, and see if any new updates are available for your handset.

If you can not upgrade your phone for any reason by using the upgrade system over the air, you can use the manufacturer's software that came with your phone to check for updates. Simply connect the phone to your computer and open the computer application. There should be simple instructions for updating the software there.

If you are still having trouble resetting your phone in its initial settings, the handset restores on the day that it was born …

Quick Fix 3: Reset to initial settings

When everything else fails, resets your phone back in basics, often removing any nasty bugs in the process. Make sure your data is supported first because you lose everything if you reset to a factory.

To reset your Android phone to the date of birth, click Settings, Backup and reset, tap Factory Data Reset, and then click Reset Phone at the bottom of the screen. Your phone will ask you for a password before you can select Delete All.

If you are locked from the handset and can not be reset, the handset allows you to use buttons to perform reset instead. In that case, start by turning off your smartphone.

If you have HTC or Samsung devices, press and hold volume and power at the same time to force reset to initialization. During the Sony Ericsson handset, hold down the left and right buttons below the screen, press and release the switch.

In all cases, you must skip all the keys when you see the screen change on the phone and the system configuration function should load. Now you can select Wipe Data or Factory Reset by pressing the volume keys to move up and down and the Home button to select options.

Select yes to delete all user data, then select Restart the system and now you should reset the phone to an original factory.

Phone Improvement

If none of the above was true, the problem may be beyond your ability to fix. Or there may be a risk of deciding it. For example, the microphone stopped working on my phone and one of the most popular online solutions was to cover the right paper clip down one of the ports, swing it over and then pull it out very quickly. Of course, I would not stop damaging my animal smartphone.

The time like these phone repairs is the best way to solve problems. I took my phone and they charged it for a small fee. Yes, I had to pay for this, but it's much cheaper than if I tried to fix the phone myself and cause more harm than good. So it's always something worth considering.

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