Pros and cons of paying as you go mobile

Pay as you go mobile phones are becoming more popular as time passes. There are different pros and cons regarding this phone.


Nobody can track your number using a data collection rotation service. Despite the improvement of reverse cell phone experience services over the years, they can not give name 99% of pay as you go users. If you are looking for anonymity, then this is an option.

No credit card requirements are required. There is no credit card survey required to use one of these phones. This can fall into either category, and I will explain both. You do not at all have a credit rating to use this phone. Once you buy you have services and you are running. Nobody will turn you down because of your credit.

You must purchase the phone in a straight line. If you do not care about the phone and a simple simple phone is right for you then this is not the case. However, you can buy more sophisticated phones.


Your number may not be available. Sometimes you want others to find you or your number. Usually you can get information about a person if you use both the same services.

Fewer plans and options. Pay as you go phones have fewer plan options as regular services. However, there are unlimited plans – calls, text and online for most service providers. However, these are usually rather uncompromising.

I mentioned before that no credit rating would be an option. The conclusion is that you can not build up your credit by using telephone service. Regular contractors, however, report on credit rating agencies.

Customer. Customer support for obvious reasons emphasizes more subscribers more than on paying as you go plans. If a service representative is a great deal – you may want to subscribe.

No phone number protection. Usually, mobile phones will give you a rather long "grace" to protect your number if you subscribe. If you have a pay as you go and escaping the plan, you can reissue your old number in a few days.

Bottom Line:

If you are a new user, and you will not, you will not be able to contact you. Have credit built up, you may want to pay as you go. You can get some instant service when you buy the phone. If you know you want to keep the number, try to be a subscriber, you can keep the number, even if you change your business.

Source by Barry Dunn

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