Pros and Cons of Buying a Double SIM Phone

Maybe you often travel and you want to answer your cell without worrying about paying crazy international charges on the original data base.

Anyway, If you have found the need to have two lines but you do not want to monitor two phones (or you do not want to pay for another phone) you can buy a phone that can carry two SIM cards. Here are the benefits and disadvantages of having a dual SIM cell.

Advantage: You can expand the network. If you have two SIM cards on two different networks, then you are watching almost no coverage. If you live in an area that has poor coverage, no matter if the network is, or you like to travel to a remote location, this is great for those who hate calls – and who is not? This is also good for emergencies when you need to call immediately.

WARNING: Battery life may be shortened. New phones have reduced these problems, but the models could affect up to a third, especially if they are older.

There are also different types of dual SIM skills to keep in mind – the more active your SIM card is, the more battery you use. A standard dual SIM card will delete the smallest battery and each SIM card will be completely deactivated until you manually switch your SIM cards. Dual standby will keep one SIM card enabled when it is in use and the other one will be ready to go. And double active mouth will keep both cards working simultaneously, so it will obviously take full advantage, especially if one card can connect to a network while the other card is stuck.

Advantage: Flexibility of two programs, transport of one. It's hard enough to track both your phone and your keys – who wants to add another phone to the match? The phone with dual active SIM cards gives you even the flexibility to make calls from someone on one network and simply put them on hold if you need to call someone using the other card at the same time. In addition, if you now use a personal cell for a business and need to demonstrate your use of your account, this is no longer a problem. Your other SIM card means that you get two completely separate accounts.

WARNING: You may need to import it. Dual-SIM phones are mostly based abroad in countries like China, because that's where they became popular. Some are available through Motorola and Lenovo, but many of them may lack the same support as their foreign counterparts. And if you do not mind buying foreign ones, keep in mind that you may still incur more costs for shipping and / or import taxes.

Advantage: Less hassle when using the phone abroad. No more worry about how many minutes you have on your global data plan. If you have another slot open, go to the store in any new country you are and buy a local prepaid SIM card. Without the monthly rate or contract, you can use any amount of data, phone and text you've purchased, and you should be able to simply stop using any mobile phone merchant to add more when you've used your local plan. Make sure you try to buy a SIM card from a major carrier in that country so you have a good review.

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