Progressive Thinking Providers Are Integrating Their ERP With Salesforce CRM

Why is ERP and CRM integration sensible for your manufacturing company? Let you get something out of your way: Integrating the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) application that allows you to manage funding, inventory, and requirements with the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) application-managing relationship, support, upsells will create significant improvement in both investments .

In fact, there are various reasons why companies integrate their CRM and ERP solutions. Manufacturers with sales transactions see almost immediately the benefits of the "Order Money" method. Specifically, the cost-effectiveness is to reduce errors in order to enter, implement approval of workflow for discounts, and reduce the manual required to enter orders in both CRM and ERP.

There are several marketing strategies related to the integration of CRM and ERP, such as more insight into customers. ERP systems store customer relationship with the company; CRM solutions store purchase patterns and market demographics. Combining these two sources of customer data can help companies ensure that their sales, marketing and service offerings target their most valuable customers and prospects.

Today, "when" means "now". In the country's competitive position for manufacturers, demand and real-time data visibility and accessibility is not luxurious, it is a necessity. Alternative Technology Solutions is a leading expert in ERP / CRM product and service light for medium-sized production, and has been helping its 700+ customers to compete in real-time environmental impacts. With its expertise in Epicor ERP and Salesforce CRM as a third-party support company, Alternative is sure that on the basis of the traditional ERP, the foundation for an efficient organization and that there will always be a need to boast a basic ERP system by adding high quality

Today, over 100,000 of the world's innovations are large, medium, and small-scale user-brokerage companies to make larger transactions faster. As a Certified Salesforce Silver Cloud Partner, Alternative is committed to Salesforce cloud solutions because growing income companies need a business relationship management system that helps keep track of sales projects – every way, opportunity and customer, especially when you're on the move. In today's mobile phone company, there is no reason for heavy investments in front of software that is expensive to install and maintain.

With the Salesforce CRM application and the mobile cloud computing model, manufacturers can follow customers and budgets at the same time from anywhere. With the sales group, which is paying like you, the price of success is significantly lower for manufacturers.

There are four key issues that each company should consider when integrating CRM and ERP systems. Manufacturers of specialist expert counselors want to deal with these business issues with you so they are integrated correctly:

1. Contact with contact and account: Both CRM and ERP systems contain contacts and account information, with ERP focusing on billing and Shipments address and CRM about prospects and sales / support.

2. Product Integration: The CRM application should provide access to products contained in ERP if the true process of integration is achieved (eg, allow sales representatives to view or even over real-time and on-account bills of data friend).

3. Quote and Order Management: This is necessary if a company is going to turn a proposal generation (create in CRM) into actual orders (implementation and tracking of ERP level).

4. Product / Order / Account Book: One of the features of the CRM / ERP integration should be to provide sales staff with visibility in the status of the order, in addition to making and monitoring changes.

When considering ERP / CRM integration, prioritize which items are most important for the company's performance and what type of data each group needs visibility and access to.

Source by Trisha Navidzadeh

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