Professional beauty products are not what appears

Your hairdresser can behave as your best friend when you sit in your chair, but the reality is that the salon industry is cut throat and the biggest deception in the game is misunderstanding and badly appreciates the importance of professional beauty care products. Think for a moment of any shampoo advertisements you've ever seen on television. Do you remember the names of advertisers? Paul Mitchell, John Frieda, Herbal Essences and L & Oreal, among other things, is one of the biggest publishers of daily advertising costs. These advertisers are exactly who do not want to read this article .

Simply put, the professional cosmetics industry is a billion-dollar business every year, which in many cases is profitable to the detriment of deceiving the same customer base that it provides. The truth is that once you remove the attractive models, the proud fans of the celebrity and the fancy packaging, you will have a product that does not exceed the mill brand shampoo or conditioner that is any small business store or pharmacy. I will describe a situation that is very similar to brand name medicines, compared to generic brands that have the same functions as they are made of the same active ingredient. While the efficacy of generic and name-grinders involves testing laboratory work, including those conducted by the FDA, the only noticeable difference is that a variant is marketed by an internationally recognized brand that charges a fee to provide financial support for its ongoing to promote and develop a brand image. This same concept applies to beauty products, and in particular shampoos and air conditioners, which are at an affordable price for the average consumer.

While many claim that business is just a business, and that any consumer who does not recognize the highest dollar when receiving the same product for a fraction of the cost, gets exactly what it says, I would argue for another point. Consumer Stakeholder Groups are tasked with defining fair practice standards and enforcing anti-fraud practices. The ultimate consumer is highly responsible for how to use their spending power, but the target market must also be taken into account when analyzing the case. Self-esteem and self-image are two points worthy of attention when evaluating the merits of top-level brands that affect consumers' insecurity.

To put an end to this unimaginable assault on this inhuman host is that women teach each other throughout the country and then vote in collective pocketbooks. Nothing sends a message like buying power. Spread the message by sharing this article with a neighbor, nurse, or boyfriend so that the message can be heard through the hair industry.

Source by Kim Patel

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