Problems with Bluetooth from iPhone, here is a handy Workshop

There may be some connectivity problems with iPod touch or iPhone and handsfree Bluetooth system of the vehicle. This is a workshop to see how to solve a problem playing Bluetooth music with a connection to the Ford Microsoft Sync system.

The overview of online forums is that you see both Microsoft and Apple point fingers on each other why why SYNC's connection often causes problems. Bluetooth "is what it is" – it's a small power short range way to connect computers devices wirelessly. Often, the system may go out of phase and cause connection problems. Here's what you can do to restore things to normal …

In your car with the radio, go to the menu of your phone and select "System Settings" on a vehicle with the LED display at the top of the center. Later in this workshop we will review how to do this process with touch screen system. Turn the rotary control to select "Delete device." Find your device by name, and then press OK to delete your device. Now go to the iPhone. On the Settings icon, go to the main icon, and then select the Bluetooth area. Delete "Sync" from the list of connected devices (tap the blue arrow to the right, it takes you to another screen, then select "Forget the device." Then completely unplug the phone or pull the battery for at least a minute, then replace the battery.

Turn on the vehicle. Open the cap. Release the ball holding the black battery battery clamp and remove the battery for about two minutes. Close the cap.

Return to the vehicle and get it. Leave the vehicle in At least four or five minutes. This reboots the power plants from factories. You need to reset your hour. Turn off the vehicle and open the door (it completely falls into the vehicle.) Restart your vehicle.

Now go to the phone menu center device, go to Bluetooth device, and select "Add Device." It will prompt you to support Okay, start pairing devices. Go to your phone, in the Settings icon, select General, and then Bluetooth Settings. Search for the "Handsfree" button and let it become the "Sync" button. Touch this button and another screen will appear and request the 6 digit letter that appears in the center. Enter these numbers and press "Par" on your phone. Within a few seconds, the Sync system will respond to what it has connected. Be sure to activate 911 Assistant when prompted by pressing OK to set the phone as the primary phone and then to allow the phonebook to download. It may take up to three minutes for the phone book to download.

Now that you press the "voice" button on the wheel, you can say "Bluetooth Audio" to access your iPhone music (or go to the Pandora application or other applications and turn it on). The music should start within a few seconds, if not, press the voice button again and say "Play." If you press the voice button again, you can also say "Shuffle" (for the system to automatically select the next song) or various other commands (see Sync Guide for more information.)

Some may be easier to transfer your music files to USB drives. Then you can press the voice button and say "USB". The Sync System will go to USB to start playing music. You should be able to press the voice button to call "Play Artist The Beatles (or any artist you prefer)" and the system will find and play those songs. The "Play All" command continues to play from all the library on the USB stick. If you press the hard button on the control panel to access AM / FM or CD, you can return to USB by pressing the AUX button. The iPhone streams better sounding music through Bluetooth. When you use a USB cable to connect iPhone to the Sync System, it's default in Mp3 format and has less audio quality, but sometimes it can connect you to music with voice commands (especially with iPhone 4 or 4S).

For those with a Ford Sony touchscreen or MyFord Touch, to pair a phone, please visit this video link and on your main page you will see a variety of short videos that cover other items in the sync system.

Source by Vincent Hennigan

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